Top 8 Reasons to Choose Django for Building Your Web App
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Top 8 Reasons to Choose Django for Building Your Web App

All web applications need a certain toolkit of components which are provided by frameworks. Django is a high-level Python framework that helps in rapid development along with a pragmatic and clean design.

Django is fully featured and takes care of the many hassles of Web development, which lets a developer focus on writing their web application without any need to reinvent the wheel.

With the number of tech startups on the rise, Django developers are high in demand and developers learn Python solely to undergo Django training. Additionally, a good Django certification could help you boost your career to greater heights. Let’s delve deeper into why mastering Django should be at the top of your priority list.

1. Time-Tested Framework

Django has been heavily used since its inception in 2005. It has had several releases bringing in brand new features. Response to vulnerability has been noticed to be one of the top priorities of the Django core team. They usually alert other frameworks too about the patches needed.


This is another reason for the stability of the framework since most bugs have been fixed. These days, Django releases are focused mainly on new features and edge case concerns.

2. Tons of Packages

Just like the Python community, many useful utilities and packages are contributed by the Django community for use by the entire world. This way, developers do not need to reinvent the wheel, or in other words, write repetitive codes and can instead focus on unique elements of their web applications. Django’s “batteries included” approach makes sure that the framework already has included most things required by a programmer.

3. Crowd-Tested Framework

Django powers popular websites like Pinterest, Instagram, Spotify, Dropbox, Reddit, NASA, Mozilla, and Disqus, which is one of the largest applications on the internet today. It is also used by Facebook for the various backend utilities. Publishing sites like Washington Post and Smithsonian Magazine too make use of Django.

4. Supportive Community

The huge active community of Django can be clearly seen through its Github stats, where it has 42,643 stars and 2,171 watchers and has been forked 18,364 times. It also boasts 202,073 questions in Stackoverflow.


Every Django event has a code of conduct as decided by the governing body of Django, which is the Django Software Foundation, or DSF. The DSF has released statements on diversity and maintained a very pleasant IRC and mailing list. There are also great groups for developers, like Django Girls.

5. Commendable Documentation

A compelling feature of Django during its launch was its excellent documentation. It set a new standard for other open-source projects and has only improved with time.


Django developers always try to maintain the quality of docs, which are to date one of the best open-source documentations. They are much better than docs of other frameworks that list their modules alphabetically, which is only useful for quick reference.

6. Scalability

Django is great for scaling, just like its ease of getting started. Django comprises a series of components that are wired up and ready to deploy by default. These components are also decoupled, which ensures that they are independent. This allows each of these components to be unplugged and replaced as and when more specific solutions are needed for the web application.

7. Advocates the Best SEO Practices

Although web developers and SEOs are not known to complement each other, the Django framework makes this possible by advocating the use of human-readable website URLs, which help with search engines. They also assist with using the keywords in the URL when ranking sites and ensure that your SEO and development teams go along well.

8. Security

Django prevents a lot of common security mistakes by default which is often committed by other frameworks like PHP. It dynamically generates web pages by camouflaging or hiding the source code of your site. It also sends information to web browsers through templates, thereby making your data more safe and secure.

Build A Sleek Web App With Django!

Django, with its stability, scalability, good documentation, community, and other welcoming features, is indeed one of the best frameworks that the world has seen till date. Furthermore, it is simple, reliable, and transparent, which makes it compelling for web developers. Choose Django today to transform your web application dreams to reality.

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