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Top 9 reasons why Android is still better than iOS

Like Mac and Windows PCs has N number of difference between then in same way Andriod and iPhone also having different features for its devices. iPhone and its robust features, But what about Android OS? They are on the whole so extraordinary, and they can have unique possibilities. However, there are a couple of things that join all gadgets with an Android operating system and improve them somehow or another than the iPhone. So, through this article, I will let you know how Android phones dominate iPhones.

Web Surfing

If had ever used iPhone for net surfing then you must see safari browser no doubt it is quite good and stable. But the issue with safari browser is that it is only compatible with iPhone program and does not have a Flash component.

Then again, Android program is extraordinary compared to other web-based browsing programs. Android devices are not constrained to utilizing only one application. You can likewise introduce another comparable programming without hassle. However, the default Android program is exceptionally beautiful and is greatly improved and quicker than Safari. Also, to wrap things up – bolsters Flash.

Screen Display

Rather than merely having symbols scattered on the home screen of the mobile (likewise with the iPhone), you could add widgets to the Android gadget work area. These widgets have a particular purpose. For instance:

Twitter Widget enables you to refresh your long range interpersonal communication account whenever straightforwardly from your cell phone home screen.

Individuals Widget enables you to take various actions with various contacts from your rundown straightforwardly from the presentation (for instance, consider a companion or send a text message with only a single tick).

Messages Widget – demonstrates the new messages in your email and interpersonal organizations on the showcase

Android’s home screen is at a unexpected dimension in comparison to the iPhone and is better than its rival.

Device Connectivity

For instance, Take  HTC device where the home screen has four different buttons:

Turn on/off Bluetooth

Turn on/off Wi-Fi

Flight Mood/ Turn on Mobile Network

Turn on/off GPS

These buttons enable you to take action quickly. Along these lines, when you don’t utilize an association, stop it without scrolling through the menus. There is likewise an application available with the name Y5, which will kill Wi-Fi naturally when no remote association is accessible. But on iPhone for this action, you have to go to the different steps in your device for a particular process.


The android device enables users to alter their devices the manner they want. Business users can rapidly get to applications, for example, contacts, logbook, email, RSS, and many more apps. You can not just modify the showcase to suit your requirements and necessities. There is a much different application for Android phone which makes your device as valuable as could reasonably be expected and even play around with it while you have some extra time.

More space

Since iPhones don’t bolster external storage, this implies we can’t grow storage with the assistance of memory cards. The more significant part of the Android mobile have an SDcard opening; in the meantime, the freshest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 bolsters SDcard space which can extend up to 2TB

Charging Point

This is one of the 9 motivations to pick android phone over iPhone on the grounds that you can utilize essentially every miniaturized scale USB link to charge your android telephone, in the interim on the off chance that you are coming up short on battery and you need to charge your iPhone you should have Apple’s charger for it.


This is an incredibly favorable position and comfort for Android users as they have the Google application incorporated with their devices. Which help you to get a better inquiry on the Internet. And for the fast query, there is a Google assistance which is better than iPhone Siri


iOS and Android have shopping applications. Android offers a vast number of applications, much the same as Apple Market. In any case, introducing Android device applications is a lot simpler than the iPhone. With the expectation of complementary applications, you don’t need to stress over entering the password each time you attempt to introduce something. For the paid applications, enter your Google Market information once, and you’re prepared.

Work area connectivity

You don’t need an app like iTunes for listening to music on your Android device to interface it to your PC. Then again, Android cannot be matched up with the Linux operating system. In any case, Android utilizes an SD card that is being used by each PC operating system. This enables you to effortlessly exchange music, recordings, and different documents. It’s so natural and straightforward.

There are many more points which shows Android is better than iPhone. Nowadays every business having an android app to get better ROI. in case if you also want to convert the website to android app. Then Connect with AIS Technolabs.


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Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on  android payment gateway integration and Game Design Development etc.


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