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Top Mobile App Development technologies to develop an app faster

In a world driven by smartphone applications, understanding the different app development technologies is critical for any business. Mobile applications are projected to generate $189 billion in revenues in 2020, accounting for 57% of our digital media usage .

However, choosing the right technology could be the difference between how quickly and effectively a business can launch their application. If you make the right choice here, developers can build a fast, user-friendly app with minimal development effort. With regards to picking the best innovation to make extreme versatile applications, there are large numbers of choices. The most ideal route is to have a ground plan and look for the assistance of a mobile app development companies that offers total application advancement according to your prerequisite.




Flutter is an open-source Google UI toolkit that provides developers with a way to build apps on Android and iOS. With Flutter, coders can develop Android and iOS applications using a single codebase.

Flutter consists of two parts – a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a framework. The SDK is a collection of tools to help build your application. This includes tools to compile the code on both Android and iOS. The framework consists of UI elements, such as buttons, texts, sliders, etc.

Examples of apps built using Flutter include Xianyu by Alibaba and Google Ads.


Swift is a programming language developed by Apple to create applications for the Apple ecosystem – iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Swift consists of predefined open source libraries and a compiler for the Apple operating system. The predefined libraries make learning the language a lot easier for beginners.

Examples of apps built using Swift include iOS versions of LinkedIn and Lyft.



One of the most popular mobile app development languages today is PHP. PHP has transitioned from web application development to mobile app development in recent years. This has been achieved by using the Zend framework for app development, the forerunner PHP platform. The framework helps developers create high utility mobile app functions. The front end of the application is created using Zend Studio and Zend Server.

Examples of apps built using PHP include Wikipedia and Tumblr.


Python is another open-source, high-level programming language used to build mobile applications across multiple operating systems. Coders develop mobile applications on Python using a framework and a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The framework libraries help convert python code into modules consumed by the Operating System.

Examples of apps built using Python include Netflix and Spotify.


Java is the official language for Android application development. This language is easy to handle and consists of many open source libraries for users to choose from. TestNG and Log4J are some of the frameworks that have been developed using Java

Examples of apps built using Java include Hadoop and Twitter.


React Native

React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook and consists of multiple mobile app development technologies. This enables developers to build cross-platform applications that still look and behave like applications built on the native operating systems.

Examples of apps built using React Native include AirBnB and Instagram.



Kotlin is seen as the advanced version of Java, used for developing more modern Android apps. Kotlin is a language that has influenced some other programming languages such as Scala, Gosu, Groovy, Java, etc.

Examples of apps built using Kotlin include Pinterest and Coursera.



The Bottom Line

Choosing the right development technology will be critical to the success of the application. Understanding the speed at which the app should reach the market, the cost available for development, and emphasis on user interface interactions are key considerations to ponder before choosing the right development technology.

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