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Top Reasons to Select a KNX Multifunctional Thermostat

Nowadays, thermostats are the ubiquitous overlord of humanity’s day-to-day comfort. They are visible everywhere and can’t be separated from our life for providing a pleasurable environment. With the development of technology, the traditional thermostats have been gradually replaced by multifunctional thermostats, which have more diversified functions, higher modern practicability and brings us more enjoyment.

Thermostats have steadily benefited our life for a long history

In the past, people had a much harder time regulating their home temperature. In the early 20th century, the majority of households had manually operated furnaces located in the basement, and required frequent coal-stoking.


Things changed when common thermostat controller was developed in the 1830s by Andrew Ure, who identified the product’s need for a consistent temperature to operate optimally. That’s how bimetallic thermostat was designed, which would bend as one of the metals expanded in response to the increased heat and cut off the energy supply. Later, Professor Warren Johnson invented the first electric thermostat in 1883 to fix the mutual annoyance of the tedious process of changing temperature.


The invention of thermostat plays a significant role in improving all aspects of human society. People are no longer overwhelmed in the cold days, but achieve higher work efficiency in a comfortable environment. To some extent, the pace of social progress and development of science and technology has also been improved rapidly.


GVS KNX 55mm push button


Convenience comes around you with multifunctional thermostats

Multifunction thermostats, like the multiple generations of KNX Multifunctional Thermostat, 55mm, get that ‘multifunction’ moniker by integrating HVAC, air conditioning, floor heating and ventilation control, including 4 event group functions and 8 logic functions, rather than monotonous like the traditional ones.


Imagine returning home from strenuous work, you will be glad to see that the pad has been heated or cooled. Multifunctional thermostats allow users to control temperature through the smartphone, tablet or computer remotely. Any unexpected freeze happens, buttons of switching, dimming, curtain, scene or value send function can be pressed to adjust the heating remotely. Or, you can simply make sure the heating is on before arriving home from work on an unexpectedly chilly day.  Thanks to the operation lock function, you can have a better control on your heating schedule rather than overusing it.


With multifunctional thermostats, convenience is around you not only at home but also anywhere you go and you will get preferable life experience.

The innovation of multifunction thermostat brings more scientific impact

With the continuous innovation of technology, multifunctional thermostats have derived numerous functions closer to our modern life. Unlike older thermostats, multifunctional ones provide precise control over temperatures – not just to a degree, but even within a degree. KNX Multifunctional Thermostat, for instance, supports up to two external PT1000 sensors, PI and 2-point temperature control modes as the initiation of this industry, so that perfect temperature can be maintained easily.


Multifunctional thermostats are available to multiple effects in the meantime, for example, while controlling the temperature, the indoor air can be replaced to keep fresh.KNX Multifunctional Thermostat is the first product to support both air supply and intake simultaneously, based on the ventilation control optimization. The problem of only controlling the temperature without air ventilation in airtight space has been solved.


If you found that you are saving more money with a multifunctional thermostat, that’s because less energy is used. KNX Multifunctional Thermostat claims that its structural optimization and upgrading have been done in using less energy and providing optimal temperature control. Designed according to the European 55mm system panel standard, it can be adapted to the panel frame of other manufacturers’ 55mm system, with white shiny and matt finish available.



Why must you choose multifunctional thermostat?

First, a multifunctional thermostat can automatically set the time through its own system and timely adjust the indoor temperature to the optimal value through the built-in temperature sensor, saving valuable time for people.


Secondly, it can obtain multiple effects in the meantime and serve optional group functions, which means a suitable temperature for any scenario can be achieved.

Thirdly, it can improve efficiency for people. The service life of thermostats is a factor to measure the quality of products. If the lifespan is short, it would need to be reinstalled frequently, which leads to low efficiency. This won’t happen with the multifunctional thermostats manufactured by GVS for the reason that their lifespan is longer than those in the general market.


Multifunctional thermostats bring us numerous conveniences nowadays and they will also play a significant part in the future. Depending on the low energy consumption characteristic, they will make tremendous contributions to environmental protection while providing a comfortable environment for human beings. GVS, which integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and service as a state-level high-tech enterprise, has been the pioneer in multifunctional thermostat manufacturing and has made endeavors for the present and the future.

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