Top Reasons to Use Shared Inbox Software

The reality is, in this digital world there are lots of emails flowing back and forth.  So much so, that this can be overwhelming at times.  A large amount of time during the working day is spent checking emails and this is only increasing.  As such it’s becoming more important than ever to create an email policy and strategy for your company.  Here we discuss the benefits of using shared inbox software.

Faster Response Times

In order to stand out from your competitors – you need to make sure that you react quickly to their queries.  This means it is generally a priority as part of a customer support or sales environment.  By using shared inbox software for teams – this will only improve the response times to any queries that come through which means you will be providing a better level of service.

You Can Manage Communications in One Place

It could be that there are a variety of ways in which your customers can contact you.  It could be that email may be the primary method of contact, but they also use SMS, phonecalls etc too depending on what their requirements may be.  By using a more sophisticated software such as Threads which is packed with clever features, it eliminates the need for the client to repeat messages or information and discuss the same query with several members of the team when everything hasn’t been relayed to the other.  This will provide them with a much more seamless experience.

There is Transparency within the Team

When you use a shared inbox – it will actively promote transparency within your team.  If you are part of a larger business and manage a big team – this is more difficult when you don’t really have visibility of what’s going on, or who has done what.  If you have a shared inbox with your team, it means that you will have a better idea as to what’s going on – ensure everything is running as it should, and make any necessary improvements you need to, to your process.  You can see what the conversation thread is straight away and see which user has completed the action.  This kind of transparency can only improve the efficiency of your business.

Increases Productivity

Every business looks to get more done and using shared mailbox software will allow your team to work faster and more efficiently.  Messages can be managed much more quickly, and you don’t need to switch from platform to platform to submit responses.  All of this time adds up.  As it’s also so easy to trace what has happened when – it saves you a lot of time having to look into previous conversations and get a background of what is going on.

There will only be more and more conversations happening online and on multiple channels – which means you need to ensure you have an effective way of managing them.  Shared inbox software could be just that. Hopefully you have seen some of the benefits of this from our article.

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