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Transforming 2019: Technology trends

Technology and innovation have always existed. Tools made of stone. Then came a combination of wood and stone. The problem of carrying weight paved the path for the invention of the wheel. What an innovative discovery this must have been. No one knows the exact time when they were made but we all understand without technology progress would not have been easy. Each problem was an opportunity for innovation and development. Every tool and technology made the journey to the new ones easier.

Let’s now jump a few centuries and get to the 21st century. The end of 2000 came with a threat of Y2K. This seemed to be something that was on everyone’s mind. The century turned and we made it though. Another obstacle behind us. This proved to be a point of no return. The field of information technology kept moving ahead. This lead to easier lives, better communication, and healthier human beings.

Technology stops at nothing. There is always something exciting to grab. Smartphones, smart devices, digital assistants, and whatnot. The wheels keep turning, water keeps flowing, and we never stop making progress. The sky is not the limit anymore. It is merely the beginning. Time is passing and we have started the New Year. Engineers, scientists, and innovators keep working hard to make our lives easier.

Easier is no longer the target. Easier, greener, and sustainable is the goal. Elon Musk is out there making rockets, electric cars, and a whole lot of other things but all of it was in the past. 2018 is behind us and we have 2019 to look forward to. Here are the technology trends that are going to transform the world this year.

1.      Artificial Intelligence (AI)

2018 may have passed but we can never forget the gifts it brought. iPhone launched its newest version. It came with a lot of goodies and made changes to cater to a wider market. Apple also introduced AirPods and everyone wants their hands on a pair. The main attraction though will be the introduction of AI to the mainstream. This was the unwrapping of a technology that is the future.

AI came onto the big scene in 2018. Why then have high hopes in 2019? That is what the logic would ask. The answer lies in the fact that developers have spent countless hours experimenting. This bore results and the foundation is finally ready. The hardware and software are tried and tested. Areas that can benefit the most identified. Focussed work is what will change in 2019.

The areas looking at a major improvement are customer experience and productivity. There will surely be cases where we might not even know that AI is there. For example Machine learning services that will look after clouds, managing power networks, and financial transactions.

On the other hand, it will be visible in smartphones, home assistants and other such gadgets. There arises the question regarding the AI that we currently use. Alexa and Siri will see an expansion in their usage. This can lead to deeper and more enhanced learning.

2.      IoT

Before we know the trend there needs to be a comparison. A comparison between the number of devices connected to the internet in 2008 and an estimate of the devices connected to the internet in 2020. The number of devices connected to the internet in 2008 was a little more than the population itself. This number is expected to rise by 2020. An increasing number of people look to get Spectrum Internet which is a testament that an estimated 50 billion devices or things will be connected to the internet by the end of next year. It looks like everything will be connected to the internet.

This network of things connected to the internet is like an ecosystem of its own. It will have two dimensions. The hardware and the software. This integration of almost everything will change the world. This change is faster than we’ve experienced so far. A roller coaster ride. We are looking at data we have never laid our hands on before. Something that we have never come across. This will lead to an analysis that will change the world. This data will lead to new market analysis which will lead to new business solutions.

3.      Health care delivery

No matter what technology brings, it is useless if it is not helping. What can be more helpful than saving lives? It is now okay to expect machines, software, and technology to save lives. It will not only bring down fatalities but also improve the overall wellbeing in 2019. This by far, will be the best trend to have in this New Year and beyond.

The contemporary world has a serious shortage of trained medical professionals. Even the developed nations feel this limitation. The will improve healthcare is always there but financial constraints and economic pressures often stand in the way. The way out?  Technology happens to be the ray of hope!

We already have technology and applications that are capable of detecting cancers and heart attacks. This is already saving so many lives. Facilities like telemedicine ensure that no one is missed. Health care at the doorstep. It is safe to say that healthcare expects the most from technology in general and AI in particular!

This year is the one where we may see rapid changes. It is more probable than ever to get success. The effects that technology has on wellbeing and quality of life may just start to become regular news. The reason is simple. The time is ripe. Structures are ready and pilot projects are reaching maturity. As the projects start coming out of their incubators we will see the technology costs coming down. As the cost drops, we will see widespread use.

Healthcare informatics is gaining popularity. With AI improving we will see better analysis and hence better results. This not only opens doors for health care but for data analytics as well. The gathered data will be processed in a much efficient manner and we will see future trends. This can lead to prevention even before the disease spreads.

Author Bio:

Muhammad Ahmed Waien has a keen interest in technology, digital marketing and sports. He loves to write about these topics and stay updated with emerging trends. He regularly writes for Spectrum internet and other digital platforms.

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