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Twitter Goes Down

The social networking services are most important, as the entire world is connected and utilizes all the benefits of the social networking platform. A social networking platform becomes very important and when we cannot able to access that it becomes like a hell. Well, today such a situation faced by the entire world as Twitter goes down for a long period of time.

Twitter, the world’s most favourite microblogging website and the platform is very popular for the limited number of characters to express thoughts as well as feelings of any situation. It is also the source of many celebrities to share their news and latest updates with their audience and Donald Trump is someone who loves the platform very much 😜. Today the microblogging website goes down globally for nearly 60 minutes which means the entire globe was not able to access Twitter for 1 hour.

The outage happened around 12:30 p.m. IST and it continued for nearly 60 minutes and during this time no one was able to search or tweet anything on the platform and sometimes it was stopped to loading and showing the homepage.

Personally speaking, the developers of the social networking platforms must work hard to avoid this kind of situations because millions of people are dependent, as we are living in the digital world all these platforms are very important for every second. I believe that Twitter has fixed all the loopholes and it will not make the world to face a similar situation again.

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