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Upgrading Your Smart Home? Keep These Things in Mind

 A smart home automation system can enable you to live comfortably and even boost your house’s resale value. Millennials prefer to reside in a connected and upgraded home that gives them access to all the latest amenities. In this article, we will highlight a few useful upgrades to your smart house to improve its home automation system features and overall livability.

Smart Video Doorbell

A video doorbell can improve security while offering a good first impression. Select a pocket-friendly option that also offers good functions. Video doorbells are simple to install and utilize. Select a brand that has night vision camera to bolster security. Battery-powered devices are more user friendly and convenient.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat with automatic climate control can make your life more comfortable and easier. Don’t try to scrimp on money but go for the best option even if it is a bit expensive. Such a device can be a welcome addition to your home automation system as it can serve its purpose capably for a long time. A smart thermostat with ecobee sensors can provide better temperature delivery. It can help you save a tidy sum in energy bills too.

Smart Lock

A smart lock with fingerprint recognition feature can improve your home’s security. Top devices in this category can store up to 100 print sets. If you have kids, you can select a gadget with a key code and touchscreen. An anti-peep function in the smart lock can help to boost security. Some devices can be operated using your smartphone. If you have elderly people at home, they can use a key to open the smart lock.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

To bolster your home automation system and safety, consider installing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your house. A fire can cause serious damage and lead to a complicated insurance claim. To avoid this issue, install a smoke detector that can integrate wirelessly with other alarm systems in your residence. Another good addition can be a water leak sensor that can help you save water.

Smart Appliances

These devices include smart coffee brewing and bread baking machine, convection oven, bathroom scale, fridge, home theater, and more. They can help you enjoy the good life at an affordable cost. A smart bathroom scale can help you check your weight and other important body metrics regularly. In your garden, you can deploy a smart sprinkler system that can automate watering to keep your lawn neat and tidy.

Smart Shades

You can save on cooling and heating costs by deploying smart shades. You can remotely raise and lower the automated shades so that people outside think that someone’s at home even if it is temporarily unoccupied. Smart shades cost little but can be a functional and practical upgrade to your home automation system. You can control them hands-free using Google Assistant, Alexa, or other virtual assistants. Plus, you can use a mobile phone app to schedule the smart blinds weekly and daily.

Smart Toilet

Go beyond installing a smart mirror or basic shower lights in your restrooms. Smart toilets typically use less water and thus can help you save this precious commodity. In fact, some devices allow an average family to save more than 16,000 gallons of water per year. Besides reducing your utility bills, a smart toilet can decrease your family’s environmental footprint too.

Pre-misting and glazing features help to keep the smart toilet clean without effort. The lid automatically opens and closes, and other useful functions include a deodorizer, heated seat, adjustable water temperature, and multiple operational settings.

Last Word

The home automation system upgrades mentioned above are efficient and useful, while being cost-effective. These tech investments can help you lead a comfortable life and also boost the resale value of your residence. Consult a qualified professional to get input on a suitable home automation system for your needs.

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