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Use Feature Adoption Software To Develop And Measure Your Adoption Rate

User adoption is a process with which your new users get acclimated to your application or a new feature and decide whether they want to retain it or not. A user would adopt a feature only if it serves their purpose. Let’s see how a feature adoption software can help in developing and measuring your adoption rate.


Why User Adoption Rate is Critical


An application that has a high adoption rate is the one that is adopted by far more users than those who abandoned it. That usually indicates that the app developers are acquiring their new users quite effectively. For instance, if an app acquires users through ads online, and a large percentage of these users love the app and continue using it, then the app will be able to make more users through the same ad over long term.


Higher efficiency results in greater growth. Measures like app vitality and retention rates indicate that the app is acquiring users at a faster rate as compared to the rate at which it is losing them. Applications with a higher user adoption rate enjoy higher retention, better ROI, lower CPA, and reduced costs related to app marketing and retention. Any application that benefits from retained users is an application that gets benefit from higher feature adoption.


Picking the Right Metrics to Enhance Adoption Rate


The main goal of a feature adoption strategy is to let users achieve their goal. This means that you will need to do a lot of research to understand your users’ needs, motivations, beliefs and complaints, and identify the reasons why your users are not adopting your feature. It is a fact that users churn for a variety of reasons that you would have never even expected, such as complex interface, expensive product, better features in competitor’s application, etc.


If the value of your app is more than its cost, then your adoption rate would be positive and your users will be more likely to remain your customers. On the other hand, if the effort they have to do outweigh its value, then they are more likely to abandon it. Therefore, to improve your feature adoption rate, you need to reduce the effort, increase value, and ideally do both. Let’s see how to do that.


  • Increasing value: You can increase the value of your feature by making it more useful for your users and benefiting your users with the help of freebies, promotions, discounts, free shipping, access to more advanced features, etc.


  • Reducing effort: What most users hesitate to do is to put unnecessary effort to learn something new. Learning a new feature requires mental effort that may cause your users to fatigue easily and they may prefer sticking with a service that they are already well-versed with. To make things easier for the users, it’s better to adhere to the general design and keep the interface user-friendly.


Are your feature adoption changes effective? Are your users using your feature for longer and becoming engaged with your application? If not, then keep testing with the help of a feature adoption software from Understand that acquiring users and retaining them is a journey, and you need to keep looking for ways for improvement.

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