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What Do Brands Offer When Buying a New Laptop?

As with anything that you buy, the saying goes, ‘buy cheap, buy twice,’ and laptops are no exception to this rule. Although you can get a decent laptop cheaply, if you go too cheap, there is a good chance you could find them breaking after only a few years, meaning you have to shell out more money again.

However, high-end models can set you back thousands of dollars, even secondhand ones, so in response to this, a number of retailers of laptops have designed finance plans that can make even the most expensive laptops more affordable.

Benefits to Brand Offers

This means that you don’t have to pay outright for a top of the range laptop which isn’t always an option for some people. You also don’t have to go to the bank and explain what you want a loan for just to purchase a laptop.

There are also many offers where you can get zero interest rates over an agreed set period of time and ones where you can gain rewards by using the finance plans. There are also handy flexible payment structures meaning that you don’t have to be tied into a payment scheme that doesn’t fit you or your way of life. Both parties agree on it before you sign up for the plan.

You need to be aware of the small print that is attached to finance offers as financing can be risky in that if you miss a payment. It can result in a penalty plus high-interest rates you just were not expecting, neither had you budgeted for.


With the recent news that Apple has just launched their newest product, the MacBook Pro in a 13 or 15-inch model, the fastest Mac notebook ever released is going to set you back approximately $2000 dependant on which model you choose.

It’s handy then that Apple has several finance plans on offer for business, education, or consumers that can be used with MacBooks. They can offer zero interest repayment schemes for consumers, although a variable percent APR will be charged to the account if you don’t settle up by the end of the promotional period.


Another reputable company offering help with buying their laptops is Dell as they can provide a range of finance options for its many laptop models and series. They can offer periods from 6 to 12 months for purchases over a set amount, and all the promotional offers have zero interest as long as they are paid in full by the deadline agreed.

As with Apple, if the balance isn’t settled, then interest can be charged up to 29% APR.


Origin has started offering a finance program of up to 36 months on their laptops over $1000, which also includes all of its EON gaming and professional grade laptops. They have a lower fixed 16% APR if you have good credit or a variable APR if you haven’t than the other brands, meaning it makes them very accessible to anyone on a budget.


You can get laptop financing with Lenovo through WebBank and Klarna, which is a Swedish payment service. They offer a 12 month, zero interest payment plan for purchases between $299 and $799 as well as a 9.99 % APR on purchases over $799.

This is another affordable option for a good brand of laptop as business customers are also allowed to access this promotion plus Klarna allows credit line increase for those who qualify.


HP, the popular laptop brand, has a premier upgrade program where consumers can split the cost of their branded Envy or Spectre laptop within 24 months at Zero percent APR via Citizens One. This makes it very appealing to the general market as the zero % helps it be more affordable for students and new businesses.

The extra offer that HP gives is that once the laptop is paid off throughout the promo period, you are them given the option of upgrading to a new device with the same finance terms and conditions. You can also get accidental damage within this, personalized support and easy setup and migration.


Major player Microsoft also works with Klarna like Lenovo does to offer a Surface Plus program where shoppers are given 24 months financing on all their products for zero % APR. Through Surface Plus, customers can get a Surface device which can cost as little as $34 a month as well as having the personalized support that HP offer.

There are also other Surface options consumers can buy, such as a business model which can provide up to 30 month payment cycles or a leasing plan with other finance programs offering through a third party.


If you don’t have good credit, you may struggle to get the best deal on the brand of laptop you want, so you can consider an online installment loan from Bonsai Finance as they can offer you an online loan with monthly installments meaning you don’t have to output the money all at once. This is similar to that of the finance packages seen so far from the big companies; however, taking a personal loan means you have more choice in which brand you decide to do with, as you’re not limited to just their offers on a particular laptop.

Financing is a great way of finally being able to acquire the kind of laptop you need you either yourself or for your business. There is no point spending hours on a laptop for writing or design work if the laptop keeps crashing all the time.

But, make sure you fully know what you are agreeing to when you sign up to a plan from one of the top brands as you can find yourself being hit with big fees and a damaged credit score if you don’t follow the exact small print given when you agreed to it.

You also need to consider what kind of laptop you want in terms of sophistication as the higher end laptop finance plans require you to upgrade after a few years meaning you have another finance plan to sign up to and pay for.

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