What Is an Explainer Video? Top 4 Things You Should Know

An explainer (also known as a video to explain a business story) is one of the video formats in a video production that describes and presents the company’s product, service, or even business as a whole and then sells them. Explainers and explanatory videos came into use in video production only a decade and a half ago. Nonetheless, such a type of advertising video clip has already proven its productivity and efficiency more than once.

If you are not yet familiar with this video format, let’s find out the three main aspects you need to know about the explainer videos.

Features of a Video Explainer

So, what are the main features of an explanatory video? They are as follows:

  1. The goal of every video explainer is to demonstrate and define. Therefore, the characteristic feature of such a video is the process of clarification and explanation.
  2. Videos to explain a business story are not made long. A professional animation studio strives to save the client’s time, so the explainer video’s duration varies from 30 to 120 seconds.
  3. An explanatory video works on building the loyalty and trust of the customer. There are no “hot” offers mentioned in it. In general, tells the client about the company’s values and the benefits of using its product.
  4. In the prevailing number of cases, the video series consists of animated illustrations, motion design, computer graphics, infographics, etc.
  5. It is intended for use on the web, for example, on a landing page.
  6. An explainer makes the business stand out among competitors and rival companies using live-action videos, especially an animated explainer video.
  7. A video to explain a business story presents the product in several places at once.
  8. An explainer video saves time and effort for sales managers they spend when negotiating with customers.

In its essence, an explanatory video is a handy tool for the promotion of any enterprise that has an online presence. However, what are the primary advantages of its utilization?

Benefits of Using the Explainer

One would think that spending money on expensive animation is unreasonable because everything about the company and its products or services is explicitly given on its official website. Nevertheless, video marketers and statistics make their corrections, saying that a video explainer is a tool that contains the maximum amount of information in a minimum of time.

It is specifically convenient because the amount of information is growing exponentially every day. It implies that the client surely won’t be able to see/read everything presented online. Only the most vivid, extraordinary, and at the same time, simple images reach the human brain.

With proper use of the video (proper placement), it is possible to expect an increase in the site’s conversion rate. According to the marketing experts, companies that use video as an online promotion tool outperform businesses that neglect video content by 27% in click-through rate and 34% in conversion.

Besides, a video to explain a business story is an excellent solution for those products that can’t be shot on camera. For example, IT-services, high technologies, complex systems, etc.

In What Cases Do You Need an Explanatory Video?

Your business might be in dire need of a top-notch video explainer in the following circumstances:

  • When bringing a new unique product, the essence of which is difficult to explain in words, to the market.
  • For gaining positions on the existing market.
  • If the product includes many details that distinguish it from the competitors’ goods/services.
  • In the event of a highly competitive market environment. If other companies don’t have an explanatory video, you can gain a decisive competitive advantage.
  • When inefficient text presentations are used, which do not affect the product’s target audience emotionally in any way.
  • In case of the existing website’s low conversion rates.

Undoubtedly, multiple reasons are justifying the application of such a video. Do not hesitate to address Darvideo Animation Studio for an explanatory video if you want to boost sales and increase your company’s popularity.

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