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What is the best way to analyze your hard drive? 

The hard drive is the soul of a computer, and it stores everything. You must keep your hard disk healthy and secure. Though you can fix and replace everything attacked to your computer I’m afraid it is not the case with the hard drive.

There are many ways to check the health of your hard drive, and you can either use built-in methods of you can opt for the software and tools. In this article, we will discuss the integrated way which comes with windows to check the performance of the hard drive.

Windows CHKDSK Tool

Windows CHKDSK is a built-in tool of windows, and it is used to scan the hard drive and detect if there are any errors or bad sectors on the disk. Once the CHKDSK has scanned all the errors, it compiles the list and fixes all errors one by one. If there is a major problem with the hard disk, it creates a message and displays the problem. You can use CHKDSK for both error detection and fix the bad sectors.


By the way, if your hard drive is failed. You can recover your data here.


How to use CHKDSK Tool?


If you want to check any disk, select the disk and right-click on the drive you want to check, select “properties.” A dialogue box will open, click on the “Tools” Tab, and click on the button “Check Now.”

You will see a dialog box, and it has two options “automatically fix the file system errors” and “scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.” You can select both options or chose one based on your choice then click on the “Start” button.

It will scan the disk and report the errors or fix them based on your selection.

This is the very basic built-in tool, and its focus is to search for system errors and bad sectors on the disk.

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