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What Is Whitehat Link Building?

Whitehat link building, when done properly, can increase how often your website appears in search engine results (like Google results), driving more people to your website.


What is whitehat link building, though? To better understand what this type of link building is, it’s important to learn a little more about link building in general.


Link building


Link building involves websites linking to each other’s content and sites. When a site links to your site or blog, it’s known as “backlinking”. This helps with search engine rankings, and it makes you look more credible since a site, in theory, is linking to your content as an example or source.


Link building is also beneficial because it can increase your site’s traffic by landing you higher on search rankings and allowing you to tap into another site’s audience. With that in mind, randomly linking to websites isn’t a good SEO practice. You have to provide value with your links, and that’s where whitehat SEO comes into play.


Whitehat SEO


According to Webopedia, whitehat SEO refers to any SEO that focuses on a human audience, instead of focusing on being optimized for search only engines. While whitehat SEO is a long-term investment, it’s one of the best ways to add value organically while following the “rules” of Google’s search algorithms.


After all, you’re not using sketchy methods and techniques to rank higher as fast as possible, something that Google’s algorithms punish if they catch on to it. Instead, you’re following the rules and providing value in the process. Whitehat SEO takes time, but it leads to sustained success and results.


Whitehat link building


Putting everything together, whitehat link building is about linking to other websites and websites linking to your site, but in ways that provide value and are beneficial to the audience. For example, linking to an infographic that supports the claim you’re making in a blog is good link  building. This well-researched infographic features helpful stats and information.


Another valuable whitehat link building strategy is guest posting. Having an expert guest post on your site is not only a great way to bring an expert in to explain a concept or topic to your audience, but this person is also linking to their site, which helps with their own backlinking purposes and also allows you to properly incorporate a high-quality link on your site.


Of course, you can also guest post on other sites to have the same effect. And this helps you spread brand awareness while getting your message out to more people by tapping into a new audience. The key is for these links to be relevant to the content. If you guest post on sites with higher authority, that will only help your backlink purposes and increase your ranking naturally.


Guest posting also helps you build relationships, which can lead to a world of benefits, such as selling more product, increasing traffic, growing your following, gaining connections, and talking to like-minded people.


Since whitehat link building involves a ton of work and takes time, it’s a good idea to hire a specialized company for SEO link building services. They’ll not only do the research on link building for you, but they’ll know how to implement strategies that lead to results. They can also help you come up with a campaign that’s tailored to your business.


Whitehat link building (and SEO) is the long play, but it’s the right play. It can lead to you building relationships, your following, your customer base, and so much more.

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