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{Updated} WhatsApp beta updated with bigger emoji’s, image drawing, stickers and many more

The world’s most popular instant messaging application, WhatsApp has updated to its beta version with some cool features. WhatsApp adds features like bigger emoji’s, image drawing, stickers and many more to is latest beta version, which is 2.16.263.




In the latest beta version, it allows you to draw on images and also add stickers on it. You can also write text on an image. You can also type texts in different colours, there is full spectrum of RGB colours. You can also resize, rotate and move the text and stickers. But all these activities will be done, if you have captured the image using WhatsApp camera.


WhatsApp will now give you more beautiful selfie, now onwards when you take selfie using WhatsApp camera, it will turn your phone’s screen display white. It will work similar like flash. This feature will really come handy when you capture a photo in dark area. You can also zoom in and zoom out by sliding with your finger on the screen.


Beside this, WhatsApp increased the size of emoji’s, there are 4 different sizes of emoji’s. If you send single emoji, it will be the biggest and size will go on to become smaller till you send three same emoji’s. But if you send four or more than four same emoji’s then it will appear in regular size. (This change was found from beta version 2.16.256).


Last year, WhatsApp blocked Telegram links, but now the most favourite instant messaging application has started the Telegram links back again, (not sure exactly about this).


Updated on 16-09-2016


Today WhatsApp rolled out new update to its beta users, in the latest version of beta 2.16.270, WhatsApp allows you to draw and add stickers on video as well. Just like you draw on images and also add stickers on it, in the same way you can do on videos. Similar like images, you can draw and adding stickers only if you record video using WhatsApp built-in camera.


                                                                                                End of update


So, if you really want to use all these features before the official roll out, then simply join to the WhatsApp beta program.


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