WhatsApp to bring new Status feature; Here’s everything you need to know

WhatsApp the most favourite instant messaging application of the planet continuously getting new features to make things awesome. And now the company is rolling out the new update in the area where it doesn’t change from a long time, the new update will change the Status setup and with the new update uses can set their status like never before.



The Facebook owned WhatsApp has announced a new feature called Status, the company had a Status tab since it launched. But it allows you to set status only in text, many people don’t even change the default WhatsApp status which is ‘Hey there, I’m using WhatsApp’, the company wants to bring change in this sector. As the new Status feature will allow you to make your status in the form of Images, GIF’s and Videos, and will it will automatically disappear the status after 24 hours. The company also claims that any shared contents in the Status will have end-to-end encrypted, which will give extra protection over privacy.


This feature is actually not new, as we have seen it in the Snapchat. And Facebook is not copying the feature for the first time, as Instagram which is also Facebook owned app has the feature called ‘Stories’ since 2016. The company bringing the new feature at the time of its birthday, which is on 24th February. But you don’t have to till that day, as the company started to roll out the feature to all the platforms.


Update on 24.02.2017


          Starting from today the Status feature is officially live for all the users, the company rolled out the new feature on the occasion of its birthday. As we mentioned above you can add Images, GIF’s and Videos in the Status, and will it will automatically disappear the status after 24 hours.



And it allows you to draw on images and also add stickers on it. You can also write text on an image. You can also type texts in different colours, there is full spectrum of RGB colours. You can also resize, rotate and move the text and stickers.


The company has also changed the privacy setup of Status, now you have three options in the privacy section ‘My contacts’, ‘My contacts except’ and ‘Only share with’. This is something I personally wanted to have from long time. And I hope that the company will give this privacy setup in Profile photo and last seen section.



The unfortunate part is, the company has taken off the permanent status (text based). But hope the company will bring back it. Along with the new Status feature, WhatsApp has changed its UI and now it looks pretty decent.


                                                                             Update ends on 24.02.2017


So, what’s your thoughts about the revamped setup of Status feature??? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!


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