Which Streaming Dongle Will Work Best in Your Lounge?

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Regardless of your type of smartphone, TV, or other devices, discover the best streaming dongle that will work best in your lounge.

Different models flood the streaming dongle market with varying manufacturers and specifications. If you are thinking of getting one or changing what you already have, you will get plagued with which streaming dongle would work best for your lounge relaxation? Trying to swim through this stream can be tiresome and even leave you indecisive. Here are some tips on what to look for in a streaming dongle to enable you to make the best choice possible.

1.  Compatibility


It would be best if you start by making sure your preferred choice is compatible with the devices (Smartphones, laptops, game consoles, tablets) you already have. If you use an Android device, you want an Android TV dongle compatible with your operating system. If you are the type that uses multiple devices, get a dongle capable of functioning with these devices. 

Also, remember that some streaming services work best with particular dongles. For instance, Apple apps are mainly accessible through an Apple TV, while Amazon prime video works best with a Fire TV device. If you are the type who likes to mix things, you want a dongle, such as Roku, to enjoy services on different platforms. 

2. Performance


While checking the compatibility of dongles as you browse through them, you need to consider their performance rate before making your choice. Naturally, it would be best if you went for a dongle with a high-performance rating to avoid any lag or hitch during your streaming. 

With a high-performance dongle, you do not need to worry about an overloaded network. If you are solely performance inclined, you can opt for a Set-Top box ahead of a streaming stick since they tend to load quicker. This feature lets you stream smoothly for as long as you want.

3. The quality of resolution


Tech blogger Antoine Behara says, “The quality of resolution you can enjoy depends on your dongle, regardless of your type of smartphone or other devices and TV. Please take note of the contents you want to stream and the resolution that best suits it. Then you can make an informed decision when choosing a dongle capable of delivering what you desire.” 

Say you have a 4k HDR or 4K TV plus contents that can be viewed in that resolution; you will need a dongle capable of delivering 4K resolution. Most streaming dongles are capable of 1080p, but you still want to check their compatibility if you use an older model of TV or Smartphone. 

4. Additional features


Based on your specific requirements, you may want to prioritize a dongle that possesses one or more added features you desire. Due to advancements in technology, media streaming devices are also evolving on an almost daily basis. So you can find one with a feature that appeals to your fancy. 

If you are the type who likes to relax and dislikes getting up once you have started streaming, you can look out for remote control and voice command features. According to a recent journal by researchers from the Multimedia University, Malaysia, perceived ease of use affects the overall user experience for any product. You can even look for a specific remote control that meets your unique preferences. 

There are also streaming dongles with outstanding Audio Codec Support, which lets you enjoy high-quality sounds that give an extra cinematic feel as you relax in your living room. You can also watch out for smart home connectivity features such as multiple device compatibility, upgradable Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth wireless connection that lets you use your desired headphones. 

You can also consider getting the already widespread wireless dongle. Be sure to read an in-depth review of selected products before buying to know if your preferred dongle has the desired feature.

5. Cost


You probably won’t have to pay too much for any dongle of your choice. The price range for dongles is usually between $35 to $50. With its numerous features such as wireless connectivity, several color options, and gaming support, the popular Google Chromecast falls within that range. Going for anything above this stipulated price range must mean that such a dongle should have a whole lot more to offer than just your average stream mirroring. 

Summing up


Streaming dongles are indeed the easiest and quickest way to share or mirror content on your big TV screen in the comfort of your living room from about any device you use. While there are numerous options to choose from, you have to remember that it is all about you. So you need to put yourself first when picking a dongle to ensure you choose one that meets your requirements, making it the best for just you. 

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