YouTube Updated With ‘Take a Break’ Feature

YouTube refreshed with new design and logo

A couple of days ago, we updated that the Mountain View company Google will come with a new feature which will help users to reduce the smartphone addiction. And at the Google I/O event, Google rolled out the Android P beta and it included a new feature called Dashboard, which is the company’s step to reduce the smartphone addiction and now Google expands the same with the other services.

The company has updated the YouTube with a new feature called ‘Remind me to take a break’, and it works just like it sounds, as the feature will allow users to leave their phone and watch the video later. After updating to the latest version, you will see the new feature in the General menu of the app’s setting and it has the option from ‘Never’ to ‘Every 180 minutes’, and if you enable the feature then you will able to watch videos but you will get reminders to take some time off, you can ignore it and keep watching. But in this way, you can able to interrupt yourself and can give rest to your eyes by putting the device into the sleep mode.

Moreover, the new update also brings to new features in the YouTube notification menu. The first option will allow users to disable all the sounds of notification and vibration from the YouTube app for a set period of time. And the next one will allow a user to get all the notification once in a day at a specified time.

Speaking about the availability of the new version, Google has already started to roll out the feature, so check the update page of the Google Play Store and update the YouTube on your device.