ZTE Showcases YouCare 5G Smart T-shirt with Focus on Health

ZTE Showcases YouCare 5G Smart T-shirt with Focus on Health

At the Mobile World Conference (MWC) 2021 going on in Barcelona, ZTE has come up with an innovative technology that can save lives.. The company unveiled YouCare, a remote health monitoring service that employs sensors embedded to monitor the health of the user.

The obtained data such as the vitals of a person are then transmitted via a 5G network. The T-shirt is not only reusable but one can wash as well. All in all, it resembles a regular t-shirt in looks and usability. The t-shirt was developed in Italy and it can detect health risks by analysing vitals. The signals are transmitted using the 5G network infrastructure provided by ZTE.

ZTE Showcases YouCare 5G Smart T-shirt with Focus on Health

The vitals are measured with the help of imperceptible polymeric sensors embedded on the shirt. This recorded data is sent to a smartphone or a smartwatch or even to a remote unit for analysis. if needed. Some of the health parameters it can detect include respiratory act analysis, electrocardiogram, sweat, and muscle activity, using which any potential health risks can be diagnosed. One of the other partners involved in this project is the International Red Cross

The YouCare project could drastically change the medical field as we know it and could help save millions of lives by detecting chronic ailments before it gets to a life-threatening stage. ZTE has informed that it will soon conduct YouCare 5G tests in a wide range before the official launch.


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