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OnePlus Might Bring Back Their Sandstone Material On Smartphone

If you recall the history of OnePlus, you will remember their own back finish i.e. Sandstone Back. Their first phone OnePlus One and second phone OnePlus 2 had that classy back. That was a very unique material by OnePlus. But with the launch of OnePlus X (for flagships OnePlus 3), they decided to change it and went for glass back (OnePlus X) and metal back (OnePlus 3). Now after almost 2.5 years, OnePlus might bring Sandstone Back.



OnePlus has recently released a video in which some random people are picking up a phone & telling what they felt. And there reactions were like this : smooth, soft, brushed metal, textured, grippy and sand type. Some were even like : original one and OnePlus’s Sandstone Back. Now all these reactions very much indicates that OnePlus is planning to bring a phone with sandstone back. And it will be mostly the OnePlus 5T. Though we don’t have any valid proof, but we don’t have to wait much because OnePlus also said in the video that they are going to unveil something in January 2018 i.e. coming month.


So that’s all the information we have as of now. This phone will definitely get some good sales, because many OnePlus fans love that Sandstone back instead of metal. What are your thoughts on this?? And what’s your choice? Sandstone back or Metal back? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, stay tuned to us for more information.



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