Technobugg was founded by Akhil Joseph in 2012, TechnoBugg is one of India’s leading sources for trends,  information and news related to the latest happenings in the technological world. The only philosophy on which TechnoBugg works is to provide a knowledge-based environment to help the common man make an informed and smart decision on the technology which affects his daily life. TechnoBugg is completely autonomous and independent from manufacturers, developers and service providers equally and for that reason have a powerfully built relationship with our audience for showing the things how we see them and how they benefit from it. At TechnoBugg we make every effort day after day to answer the important and essential questions on your minds – about Social Networking, How To’s, Softwares, Reviews, Gadgets, Tips & Tricks and current tech news and how all of this environment come together for you. TechnoBugg guarantees that there’s something for everyone over here. In that tradition obviously, we would love to hear your views and also would be pleased to have a dialogue with you in the comment section, which can be found below every article. Our TechnoBugg community consist of more than thousand friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and other social media.

Meet Our Team

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