Reviewed: GTD Audio G-622H – Top-rated Wireless Microphone Mic System

Reviewed: GTD Audio G-622H - Top-rated Wireless Microphone Mic System

gtd audio g-622h-If you are a potential buyer opting for a purchase of the top-rated wireless microphone mic system, you surely are looking for the best on earth. It is not easy to choose one amongst hundreds of brands available in the market. And i think you love to know about Best mp3 downloader apps for android. A number of questions immediately pop up in your head as you proceed towards the final buy. Issues related to budget; the number of mic units in the package.

gtd audio g-622h

The purpose of your purchase, that is for seminars or concerts etc and also the type of system, that is analog or digital would become some of your main concerns. Noting every issue, the best suggestion for you would be to opt for the GTD Audio G-622H. In this article, we would provide a reviewed perspective of this particular model and also the later and upcoming ones of GTD Audio.

Features of GTD Audio G-622H

gtd audio g-622h With a number of brilliant features, this becomes the foremost option that must be selected by any potential buyer. Listed here are a few of these features:

  • There are 100 selectable frequencies on each channel.
  • There are up to 15 receivers and 30 mics that have the capacity to work at the same time.
  • It auto scans the best suitable frequency level depending on the surrounding environment.
  • With an automatic transmitter setup, the synchronization of transmitter and receiver becomes really an ease. There are two XLR individual outputs along with a 1/4” mixed output.
  • The frequency ranges between UHF 610MFIz and 680MFIz and up to 500 feets or 160 meters.

The GTD Audio G-622H comes with superior sound quality and will always suit your budget best. Moving away from the conventional high-end microphone mic systems this is one of the best options one should always opt for. It is not just about G-622H. The GTD Audio has introduced a series of versions later that features even more improved working capacity and technologies. Let us discuss some of the later published models in brief here:

gtd audio review

GTD Audio G-733H: Soon after its release, the GTD Audio G733H has become very popular among users and buyers. With lock squelch circuit protection, automatic frequency scanning, automatic transmitter setter and a range of 800 variable frequencies ranging between UFH 610MHz and 680MHz, the G-733 has been entered the list of some best mic systems.

GTD Audio G-788H: This is also a superior version of the GTD Audio creations that has quickly capitalized on the market and has emerged as one of the favorites amongst buyers across the globe. This model is specially designed for a wider range of about 800 diverse frequencies with automatic frequency scanning system. The system enables the use of up to 15 receivers and 30 microphones in the same place, at the same time, without interfering the working of any other.

Bottom Line

The GTD Audio over years has provided a constant brilliant service to the users. The early, as well as the later versions, have flourished in the market and accepted by buyers easily. The GTD Audio 622H is so far the best creation of the company. If you really consider opting the best mic system, you can go through the top-rated wireless microphone mic systems but none parallels this.




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