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10 Creative E-Commerce Website Designs You Could Use For Inspiration

E-Commerce has been growing at an unprecedented rate over the last couple of years. More people are getting access to the internet and it won’t take long before the majority of the transactions are done online. It is never too late to start an online business. The fact that there are new users coming online should be a positive sign for any upcoming or established entrepreneur. Starting an e-commerce business is not as hard as people think. You just have to make sure that you’re taking care of the basics before anything else. People tend to love a visually appealing design.

When you’re coming up with the website, you want to make sure that is satisfying aesthetically. Good website design is going to play a crucial role in your success online. If you’re thinking of starting an e-commerce business, we have listed some amazing designs that could be used as an inspiration. You can get the templates and customize or integrate with your existing platform.


New York Times Store

The New York Times has been one of the leading news sites since the advent of the internet. The main website has undergone a lot of redesigns so as to keep up with the modern reader. Their store website does a good job of keeping a minimalist design while still looking outstanding. The website is non-cluttered and contemporary as you would expect in such a big platform. There are a few images with a lot of information which provides a seamless shopping experience on the website. There is also easy navigation if you want to move between the news and store platforms.



This is one of the surprising websites on the lists. Buying something like spectacles online can be a tad too boring. With Owl, every shopping experience is memorable. The site design is profound in so many aspects that something like buying glasses is an experience worth coming back for. The designs are mostly of high-quality images with the models wearing glasses of different kinds. It is clean, simple and is mobile-friendly. This is a good website when looking for inspiration with a simple design. If you’re looking for a similar design, you can check out Magento services.



Can you imagine how a poster design website would look like? Beacon is an e-commerce website that is beautifully designed with stunning aesthetics. The site is a collaborative project meant for selling posters. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It is also colorful and engaging and the first thing you see is the stunning graphics. This makes it one of the best designs on our list.


Storm Watch London

If you’re looking to start an e-commerce website that deals with watches, Storm Watch London is just the right inspiration. You will notice the uniqueness when it comes to product presentation. The sleek design doesn’t stop with the category pages but can also be seen across the navigation. Every watch has a unique color scheme. You get to experience modern design philosophies which are meant to keep the customers coming back for more products.


Two Chimps Coffee

If you’re looking to start a restaurant business, there is a lot that you draw from the design of this website. Once you enter the website, you will want to press the refresh button, not because it is slow or anything, because of the way it beautifully loads. The brand unique identify is consistent throughout the site. Unlike most e-commerce shops, this one is intelligently designed with attention to detail. The creative aspect can be seen on the different pages of the website. It also loads fast and is mobile-friendly.


Simply Chocolate

This is another website contender for the best design. The Danish website is a tribute to those that enjoy chocolate. This can be witnessed in its rich and nicely presented visuals. Every image on the site serves the purpose of evoking deep thoughts and yearning for chocolate. The homepage is a chocolate-based theme which can easily be replicated using Magento services.


Really We Made It

With this website, everything is laid out well immediately you access the home page. You get to know about the brand personality through the beautiful presentation of colors and block separation. The site also does something that most e-commerce websites find it difficult to do, that is incorporating social media feeds. This is because integrating such a feature could compromise the loading speeds.



Roc is an E-commerce platform that specializes in selling headphones. The website design could be seen as busy but not overwhelming. It takes a couple of seconds to get used to it but that has been done on purpose. The ethos behind it is simply magnificent. The imagery use is captivating and you grow into it as you browse through the different products on display. It is the kind of site that will appeal to a lifestyle visitor looking for stylish headphones to workout or to use during the long commutes to work.


Baron Fig

Sometimes graphics alone may not be enough to do justice to brands but the same cannot be said of Baron Figure. There are catchy elements that are visually presented with branded graphics that catch the attention of a discerning online shopper.


Rebecca Atwood Store

This website does a good job of making creative content more engaging. You don’t get the endless presentation of products that you’d get in most e-commerce websites. The layout is clear and persuasive and you can easily go from one page to another.

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