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3 Reasons why you need an Email Security

Everyone nowadays have access to internet and almost 90% of population has email account. Email accounts are now being used by many people like business man and even by Students. They send their work through then and even deal with new clients. The email account help in various more ways even in those which we can’t even think of.

Now the question arises if we are keeping our email account secure? Or how much it is important to keep our email secure? There are mainly three reasons which can be stated to keep an email account safe and they are

  1. To stop leakage of data: Once we secure our account we can rest assured that our data within the email is safe.
  2. To stop illegal use of your email: Sometimes when someone else gets the access to your email account then illegal use can be made of your account.
  3. Saving your social media: We use email id to make social media accounts like facebook and Twitter. If we lose access to our email account we lose the access to all social media accounts made with their help

Now question arises how can we make our email more secure? To this we can use any of the following methods or even all these methods to increase the security.

  • Adding an alternate email id: Adding an alternate email id for recovery can be useful. In case you lose access to the primary account, you can easily get access to it by the help of secondary email account.
  • Adding phone number and using two way security: By adding your phone number and enabling two way security a much better security is provided to your account. You will recieve notification of logins and even OTP which you have to provide while you log in to your account .
  • Using backup codes: If you forget the password to your account you can use the self generated codes to log in into your account easily and then change password of your email account.
  • Using phone number to recover password: In case you forget the password to your email account then you can easily request for password recovery link which will be sent to on your provided mobile number.
  • Deleting saved logged in devices: If you find devices which you do not identify that you logged your account into then you can easily remove and even format the device by your email account and change your password for precaution.

To make sure your email account is secure you should change your password time to time and even do a security check at regular intervals. This will make sure that your account is safe from any kind of illegal access or any hacker. To keep your data secure use password protection to the files and even keep a hard copy of the same so that in any difficult situation you may easily recover your loss. Thierry Levasseur Vancouver entrepreneur and innovator response has been to devise systems that improve the functionality and security of today’s e-mail communications. Thierry LeVasseur has focused a large part of his career on digital security, having secured several different patents in the areas of email security and data protection.

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