3 Signs That You Should Replace Your Smartphone

Your smartphone will give you signs that you need to get it fixed — or better yet, find a newer model. These are three signs that you might need a replacement:

1. The Battery Is Failing

A smartphone without a working battery is just an expensive paperweight. So, if your battery is failing, it’s time to think about an update. You can go to the repair shop and ask for a battery replacement — this will extend the life of your device. Or you can take this as an opportunity to get a brand-new phone with a brand-new battery.

What are some signs that your battery is failing?

  • It drains very quickly
  • Your phone runs slower
  • Your phone overheats easily
  • Your phone turns off suddenly

You can also look into your settings and check the status of your battery. The page will let you know if your battery is close to its limit on charge cycles.

2. You’re Always Out of Storage

Your smartphone is always close to reaching its storage limits. If that’s the case, you have two choices: you can try to make a concerted effort to free up some more storage space or you can get a newer model that offers a lot more storage. When you don’t think you can delete another app, photo or video from your device, your answer should be to get an upgrade.

3. You’re Missing Out

Finally, you should think about replacing your smartphone when you’re missing out on incredible smartphone features guaranteed in newer models.

If you need to take photos for your job and hobby, but your smartphone takes pictures that are poorly focused and grainy, no matter how hard you try, you should get a smartphone with top-quality cameras. If you’re worried that your current device doesn’t offer much for security, you should look into an upgrade that makes protection a priority with thumbprint scanning, face-unlocking and more. And if you find your phone difficult to navigate, you should know that there are lots of alternatives with adjustable accessibility features to improve the user experience.

Don’t let your smartphone hold you back. It should make your life easier, not harder.

Preparing for Repairs and Replacements

You might not notice these signs right now, but that doesn’t mean they won’t show up down the line. You’ll want to be prepared to pay for any repairs or replacements when they do. How can you do that?

You can make an emergency fund. Start collecting savings so that you can deal with your smartphone at a moment’s notice — this is especially important when you’re out of warranty.

If you don’t have much in your emergency fund, you can try to apply for a personal line of credit. When you’re approved for this open-end credit tool, you can request a withdrawal within your credit limit and have it deposited into your bank account. Look at this FAQ about borrowing online to learn more information before you send in an application. It will answer your questions.

A line of credit should be used for emergencies when your smartphone breaks or stops working. It’s not good to use when you simply need an upgrade.

What about extended warranties? The problem with extended tech warranties is that you’ll likely end up paying more for the monthly fees than you would if you had saved up for the repairs/replacements on your own. It’s best to skip it.

Don’t hold onto a bad smartphone. Make the change.

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