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3 Types of Animated Explainer Videos Most Commonly Used


Explainer videos are short videos that are made to educate and explain rather than to entertain. These videos do have an element of entertainment in them but their main objective is to provide information. An animated explainer video is such a video that uses animated videos to meet the same results.

Mostly animated explainer videos are used by business organizations or brands that want to share their brand stories with their target audience in an entertaining, unique and memorable manner. It has been observed that animated explainer videos have helped many business organizations and brands to connect with their target audiences. Through these animations many businesses have created awareness about their products and services in their potential customers in a very engaging and compelling way as the visuals normally used in animated explainer videos are very quick to grab their audience’s attention.

Reasons why businesses choose to have explainer videos:

Animated explainer videos have been used as tool for marketing for many business organizations and their popularity have been seen to grow over the period of a past few years. There are a number of reasons why business organizations have been very keen to use this particular way of reaching out to their respective audiences.

  • Creating awareness
  • Increased web traffic
  • Increased sales figures
  • Helps in generating a greater level of interest
  • Ranked higher in Google search results
  • Higher conversion rates

These are some of the most common and the most major reasons why many of the business organizations use animated explainer videos.

Types of animated explainer videos:

There are many types of animated explainer videos that are used by different business organizations to engage that can be used to engage different types of audiences. These different types of animated explainer videos are appealing to different types of markets and people all together. See, it’s like this, you can’t really use an apple when you’re thirsty or can you? Just like that there are certain types of animated explainer videos that which follow different styles of animations and they are effective for a certain type of audience.

You also need to understand that it is not only the style of animations used that makes an animated explainer video good but in fact there are many other factors that are responsible for making an animated explainer video amazing. It is a fact that different types of animated explainer videos relate to different types of audiences but there are so many other factors that make an animated explainer video good. The things that one should focus on when creating an animated explainer video are its Quality, Script, target audience, the colors used and most important of all the message that you are trying to deliver to your target audience. An animated explainer video will definitely be disappointment if everything in the video is top-notch but does not have a message..

The different types of animated explainer videos are as follows:

2D animation:

2D animations are one of the most popular type of animation that is being used in today’s world to create animated explainer videos. This is also one of the most versatile types of animations being used to create explainer videos these days and provides a great room for customizations. This style of animation is known and observed to be one of those styles that is very appealing to the target audience’s emotions.

Whiteboard animation:

Whiteboard animations one of the types of animations that are used extensively in the creation animated explainer videos that are both used for business’s internal uses and external uses for reaching out to other businesses as well as target audiences or customers.

This particular style of animated explainer videos has been known and observed to be a very detailed and effective way of explainer video type that has been a popular choice for business organizations and brands for the deliverance of sophisticated and complex messages in the most engaging manner.

2.5D animation style:

This particular style of animations being used in animated explainer videos is something between 2D and 3D animation. It is a 2D animation that somewhat simulates a 3D environment. Every element that this animation uses is designed in 2D animation but the technique used in this particular style makes it seem somewhat like a 3D look. Hence the name 2.5D because it is not completely 2D and not completely 3D in fact it is somewhere in the middle.


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