3 Ways to Improve Your People Search Right Nowv

There are many times when you want to trace your old high school friends, colleagues, someone you met while traveling, or some relative. Well, the internet has made it relatively easy to find or trace someone if you remember some information about the one you are looking for. 

You can search for people using social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or you can look for. But since the internet is so huge and contains information about so many people, it kind of becomes hectic to trace someone. However, if you know the specific ways to search for people, you can draft someone quickly. 

Here are 3 ways that will improve people search:

  1. Use People Search Engine: 

Out of everything, the best method to search for people is through people search engines. These search engines collect data about people from different social media websites, address directories, phone number directories, etc, and then show it up against a search result. It will show details like Phone number, email address, residential address, etc. 

However, you will get hundreds of results for a single name search most of the time. So it would help if you were more specific with how you search about a person. 

To search anyone, you have to open a search engine like Radaris, enter the name, and hit enter. It will pile up a list of results with that name. For results to be more specific, you can enter the location or zip code of that person. 

With People Search Engine, you can not just search for a person by name; you can also do reverse phone lookup, reverse address check, free background check on anyone

  1. Use Google with specific queries: 

When it comes to searching anything, google is the first thing that pops into someone’s mind. Google is the largest search engine with a vast database to give us desired results when searched with the right queries. 

While searching in Google, enter the full name of the person you are searching for along with the location. The SERP will show up results for people with that name living in that location. You can filter the results even more if you can add more queries like career, school, college, etc. These queries will show more specified results on that person, and hopefully, you can find him.

  1. Find People using Social Media Sites:

Social Media is the platform where you can connect with people you know. Almost 80% of users who have access to the internet are active on at least one social media platform. 

If you are looking to find your old school friends, college mates, etc, you can try social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. You have to search their name in the search bar of these websites, and it will show up profiles with that name. You can try adding their last school, checked in places, etc. to filter the results furthermore. Moreover, you can try finding them on these social media sites through mutual friends. You can go through their profile and see if they have tagged the person somewhere you are looking for. Or you can ask them directly about that person.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for any colleague from work, then LinkedIn is the best site to search for them. You have to search for their name in the search bar. For more filtered results, including the last place they worked in with you, they will show up their profile to you. 

These were some of the ways using which you can improve your people search. Using these methods, you will get more filtered profiles, and hence you won’t have to scroll through tons of profiles to search for a person.


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