4 Qualities To Look Before Buying Vlogging Microphones

Vloggers put their efforts in choosing the best camera to ensure the quality of the visual aspect of the videos, but a huge number don’t understand the importance of the audio quality. A vlogger’s voice and audio quality are the foremost assets in achieving internet stardom. The audience needs to hear you clearly in order to understand what you are talking about and this provides clarity about your personality too to shine through.

The professional-sounding audio results won’t be delivered if you will be choosing a low-quality and wrong type of microphone. For most of the vloggers, the in-built microphone won’t work and that’s why a stand-alone vlogging microphone is required to ace the vlogging career.

A dedicated stand-alone vlogging microphone will add a professional touch to the content deliverables. You will be connecting with your audience more naturally since they will be able to hear what you actually sound like with crisp clarity and no background interruptions.

Things To Consider While Buying Vlogging Microphones

There are different types of videos and you need to choose the microphones accordingly. But what qualities you need to look for in the vlogging microphones depends upon the nature of videos, your camera, and your personal preferences as well. Here are some common qualities that you should consider while purchasing the microphones:

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Microphone Types

The first thing you’ll need to decide is what type of vlogging microphone to get. As previously described, it depends upon the kind of content you do, whether you engage with other people, and whether or not you leave the studio all of these things have an impact. The commonly used microphones are of following types depending upon the usage:

  • Condenser microphones
  • Shotgun microphones
  • Lavalier microphones

Polar Patterns

The polar pattern of the microphone is the 360-degree area around it by which the microphone picks up the sound. Vloggers need different polar patterns depending upon the content type and requirements. The commonly used mics depending on polar patterns are of following types:

  • Omnidirectional mics
  • Cardioid pattern
  • Shotgun mics
  • Two-way mics

These mics have different polar patterns and hence catch the sounds from different surrounding regions and to a varying range. I will suggest you decide on which type of polar pattern you need depending upon the type of content you are planning to create.

Connection Type

The connection type of your microphone decides its audio quality and convenience. The two main methods to connect microphones are USB and analog (which is further divided into XLR and 3.5mm). The USB connection is more suitable for beginners as compared to the analogs.

Audio Quality

The quality of audio effects differs widely depending upon the type of microphone you choose. You should get a stand-alone microphone to enhance the sound quality as build-in microphones don’t work for vloggers and you will end up producing distorted video content.

In a nutshell, vloggers should choose microphones according to their individual needs. If you have already purchased the camera, then you will have to search for the microphones that will be compatible with your camera. In case you are getting started with Vlogging, then you will have the freedom to decide on the microphone and other vlogging equipment according to your own choice and preferences.


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