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5 Best Cameras to consider for Vlogging

With the gusty growth of vlogging, hundreds and thousands of consumers are grabbing their smartphones to make vlogs of their daily life. If you are planning to start your own vlogging channel, I would suggest you invest in a high-quality and the best vlogging cameras likely used by Casey Neistat, Sawyer Hartman, and Vagabrothers.

It’s becoming more apparent that a genuine living can be made as a vlogger these days. As social media superstars are becoming more and more mainstream, it’s quite understandable that a lot of people might want a slice of that pie. 

Here a question arises that what tends to distinct the most followed vloggers from the also-rans? Definitely the quality of their videos and the content as well. The content shot and displayed in the best possible ways rather than capturing a shaky sub-par video can clearly make a difference.

Although the video camera on your smartphone can do the job but is not ideal equipment for vlogging. A top-notch and hight-quality camera can help you in achieving the goal more efficiently. However, the only problem is that choosing the best video camera without the proper knowledge from the plethora of options available is nearly impossible. I have scoured the list of the best vlogging cameras that you need to grab to make a successful career in blogging.

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1: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

Resolution: 20.1MP

Sensor size: 1.0-type

Max movie resolution: 4K

Effective focal length: 24-100mm

Popular enough among vloggers, Canon’s G7X series has kicked the game up a notch with its latest and excellent implementations. The 20.1-megapixel resolution equipped with uncropped 4K video recording and a microphone socket make it all-rounder equipment for vloggers. With the external mic socket, users can elevate the sound beyond and above the internal mic’s limits.

Besides this, Canon’s G7X Mark III offers effective stabilization, tilting touchscreen, no viewfinder, and the feature of direct streaming to YouTube enabling the vloggers to live vlog with the audience. Another great feature is the USB charging which means that you will be able to give it power bursts on the go.

2: Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III

Resolution: 20.4 MP

Sensor size: Four Thirds

Max movie resolution: 4K 30p

Viewfinder: EVF, 2.36 million dots

Offering the ultimate combo of lightweight build, solid image quality, and a comprehensive feature set, it is a top-spec and high-rated vlogging camera. With its 30-inch vary-angle touchscreen featured with 1.04 million dots, this mirrorless camera has seriously impressive video specs. You will get incredible image stabilization and resolution of 20.4 MP.

3: Panasonic Lumix G90/G95

Resolution: 20.3 MP

Sensor size: Four Thirds

Max movie resolution: 4K 30p

Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Panasonic Lumix has packed a whole lot of alluring features in this mid-range camera. It is a mirrorless camera having smart selfie mode and power zoom kit lens options. Features with 3.0-inch fully articulating touchscreen, microphone, and headphone socket, it is an all-rounder for video lovers.

The Micro Four Thirds system is compatible with tonnes of lenses, giving something for diverse options in a single item. The 14-140mm f/3.5-5.6 lens can be bought as a part of the kit and is an all-rounder for a lot of different video shooting scenarios.

4: GoPro Hero 8 Black

Resolution: 12 MP

Sensor size: 4.5 x 6.2mm

Max movie resolution: 4K 60p

Effective focal length: 16-27 mm

With its rugged body and 2.0-inch touchscreen, it is among the best vlogging cameras out there. It offers superb stabilization and feels like an incremental upgrade. This camera is featured with a new microphone and a more streamlined app to make recording and outputting the videos a much happier experience for you.

Though this isn’t an all-rounder that will grab the attention of everyone out there. But if your vlogging plans include trekking up mountains, biking on uneven terrains, or diving underwater, then GoPro Hero will be your best partner.

5: Canon EOS 90D

Resolution: 32.5MP

Sensor size: APS-C

Max movie resolution: 4K 30p

Effective focal length: N/A

During the reign of the mirrorless, DSLR releases are becoming more and more sluggish. But the release of Canon 90D depicts that they are not yet dead. It has useful vlogging features like uncropped 40K video recording, articulating a forward-facing front screen, and mic input. It has a pentamirror viewfinder and WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity. Apart from this, with an extensive range of accessories and lenses, you can be as creative as you want.

Before making a decision, you need to keep in mind some important features that you need to look for. Besides this, prioritize the specs that you want in the camera like resolution, extra microphone sockets, sensor size, etc. Do your homework and look for customers’ reviews to get your hands on the best product available. 





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