5 Best Social Media Websites providing quality backlinks that work best for SEO

5 Best Social Media Websites providing quality backlinks that work best for SEO

With the rise in the online market people now have greater competition. Your website ranking is similar to a basketball league which entirely rest on your shoulders. So, in order to grow more and raise your ranking you need to know your website’s rank right away.

  • A survey showed that top 5 results on the google get 70% of all clicks.
  • Furthermore, articles on the 1,2 and 3rd positions respectively get 55% of the clicks.
  • Articles 4-10th positions are left to struggle with the remaining 45% of the searcher’s attention.

Check and Improve Your Website’s SEO Now –

A relevant and actionable content is necessary for a competitive keyword to rank. Also it is important to follow a methodical SEO strategy. We know everyone wants things swiftly. But, if your website doesn’t load faster, people won’t wait for ages for it to load, be it you have a quality thing stored behind. Thus,

  • Optimize your site: For both search engine crawlers and users to land upon it is vital to have a structured site. A visitor must be able to find logical way to find your site, therefore you should have a flatter hierarchical page. Instead of adding too many clicks for a visitor to get lost to reach your website, try making it simpler with just three clicks at max.
  • The more niche, the better: In order to grow fast it is important to catch the selected audience. Try to create an informative content, this will help your readers share your content more and more which will eventually add diverse audience. To make your content eye-catchy involve some stats and facts that can refresh the general knowledge of the readers.
  • Show your Presence: As a beginner it is difficult to rise in your niche and show your presence. As higher the authority the more limelight you are in. Once your dynamite content is ready to go, it’s time to build relationships with relevant influencers. You want a quality, do-follow link to drop in your arms from a greater authority. Right!
  • Target Niche Authorities: Linking internally through keywords is a smart way to provide in depth-knowledge. But a do-follow link provides weightage to your content. As google crawler crawls over each website it only focuses on those with authoritative links. Providing a high quality content helps you get a backlink which enables to move further. Therefore, a justified strategy to build online success is enlightening the proficiency of the experts.

Images allow better and more involvement. It is surveyed that 65% users remember your website more through the images that you attach to your content. It not only helps in lower bounce rates but also improves your on-page SEO and ranking.

For example, uploading customized videos and photos of your restaurant displaying customers enjoying cocktails and food would encourage more customers to visit your restaurant. Also, there are many restaurants that encourage social media engagement of the food which they order like Pieology Pizzeria.

Social media is a great platform to flourish your business. Also, it is the easiest route to show up on relevant Google searches. There are many social media websites that will give you a do follow link. But, do remember a no-follow link also holds its importance, so you must not ignore it.

Adding a social share button to your content will make it easy to share and could you reach out a large community. A recent study shares that an award winning, Mathew Woodward ranked 1st for a competitive keyword through social media.

So why can’t we?

We all yearn to earn best and authoritative backlinks but what if you find them from social media without much effort?

Raise Authority with Social Shares –

Did you know 93% of B2B marketers consider LINKEDIN to be the most effective site for lead generation? LinkedIn generates more leads for the B2B companies than those from Facebook, Twitter, Or Blogging Individually. Therefore, 51% of companies used LinkedIn to acquire B2C customer. Those people on LinkedIn states that they prefer buying and engaging to those companies on LinkedIn, connecting with such companies help the LinkedIn members in decision making.


an interesting platform, where you receive answers or a link to the answer of your query. Also, plenty people share their views over the question raised, out of which you could choose the best answer of your choice. Quora holds a lot of potential, with a huge and genuine traffic, capable of providing organic link building by referring your work through a URL with the content you upload.

80% of the U.S. social network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook. Also 78% of a brand’s Facebook fans are the current users of the company’s products and services. Americans those prefer online purchases, 47% of them have a higher impact of the purchasing behavior than those from other social networks.

In order to acquire backlinks, from high traffic social media websites follow certain steps –

  1. Google plus:

This well-known social media website allows you to add link of your well entrenched business on three different areas.

  • One: A link on the site category of the about section when you create your profile.
  • Two: In the story section of your account, you can paste up your website URL adding a short intro about you.
  • Three: Listing yourself under a community is none the less a good way to show your presence. Either you can make your own community or can join other community to add your website link.
  1. Facebook:

A social media with millennial profiles, where you can attract audience easily. Facebook gives you the space to outshine your work directly on your profile. With a remarkable love for your product, search engine displays your name when searched for a similar product automatically. This helps you gain lots of links with an improved SEO.

  • One: The about section of your profile provides area where you can add your website link.
  • Two: Another option is again on the personal profile, here you can add a link to the “Add a Workplace”.
  • Three: The third area where you can put up your work is on the “About” section of the Fb Page where you are levered to add a description to your product which is understandable of what you are selling.
  1. Twitter:

Did you know that 58% of the brands have 100,000+ followers and 72% of the brand followers are likely to buy in future. Adding an interesting and informative article will add a larger number of hits which subsequently help you grab backlinks.

  • One: Mount your hands on your Twitter handle to edit your profile. The only place on your profile of Twitter that gives the option to add your workplace as a link.
  1. You Tube:

A platform that gives you space to add content in a video format. Until you have a verified account you will be able to spread your work links resulting in some tough links when you come in limelight. Here You Tube also allows you to add your website.

  • One: For verifying your website you must add the link of your website on the “associates websites” of the “advance” category of the “channel” section. Once your “success” button signals green you are then levered to add your website link publically.
  • Two: On your profile, which you can edit, have the area of adding the basic info, you can paste the URL of your website.
  • Three: Another strategic effort of adding your web portal link could be, adding the URL with your comments on other’s post/video, this will also help in some direct traffic.


  1. Pinterest:

An only search engine that provides images and infographics as a result of searches. Like YouTube it follows the same procedure of verification of the website in order to grab attraction of audience as well as several backlinks. Once your PIN is liked and viewed, containing you URL, will come under the eyes of some valuable websites which might help you get some backlinks too.

  • One: After verification of your website, you got to edit the pin of your profile to post your URL. In the “Description” section you can add your URL with a short and sweet description.
  • Two: In the same section you must post your website URL on the “Website” section.

To Conclude –

Kick start your work and spread more and more in order to grow fast. Acquiring backlinks isn’t easy but isn’t a rocket science too. To gain some authentic and exceptional backlinks you just need to work smartly. Write some good, lengthy and informative content and try to promote more and more to come in the eyes of google. Even a single backlink holds a lot of value.

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Ashley Marsh is a Senior- Content Writer at Maan Softwares Inc.  She has been with this company for past four years. She is specialized in the technical writing genre especially in mobile development, web design, and, latest technologies. According to her, it has been a great exposure for her as each day the technology is updating itself resulting in new ideas that keep her fresh daily.

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