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5 Reasons to go switch from free Gmail to G Suite

Free Gmail accounts have been fueling the growth of the business since ages. Recently we have been witnessing a change in the trend of business communications. Business emails no more look like Does that mean business is moving away from free Gmail accounts?

Even a small business owner today wants to project a professional image and a business email is the first impression. So what has replaced Free Gmail accounts! It is the G Suite.

G Suite is the version of Gmail that supports the business ecosystem with more professional interfaces for emailing, hosting, documentation and collaboration. It is a full suite of tools like the Calendar, drive, docs, sheets, slides, forms, maps, sites and Drawings. G suite allows you to create an email address that is similar to your website domain at just $5 and maybe even lower with a G Suite Promo Code.

G Suite Additional Benefits

Around 3 million business are using G Suite currently, what could be the possible reasons let us have a look:

1. The business owns the accounts

If you are a business owner and keep worried about employees using free Gmail account for business purpose say goodbye to the worries with G Suite. With G Suite you own all the business accounts and the employee cannot make changes to the id or password.
All the G Suite elements like calendar, Docs, and slides are owned by the G Suite owner and the employees cannot use these beyond the premises of the organization.

2. Document collaboration

Sharing of documents across the team is a challenge when free Gmail account is being used. At just $5 monthly price, the employees can work in a collaborative environment. The sheets and docs can be accessed as per the employee’s permission to edit, view and more.

3. Quick set up

G Suite is an intuitive alternative of Outlook. As the employees are already comfortable working on Gmail, the G Suite can be quickly set up by the owner and used by the team.

4. Higher File Storage

G Suite offers 3 different packages that come with a different pricing model. While the cloud storage with free Gmail accounts is 15GB, G Suite Basic offers its users 30GB of storage per user at $5 and even lower with a G Suite promo code.

5. Advanced security

G Suite offers its users a 2 step verification so that the security is never compromised. Every time any user tries to log in to a G Suite id, a verification code is sent to the registered mobile id. Without that code, no user can log in to an account. It promises to keep your Google drive secure.

6. CRM Integration

G Suite seamlessly integrates with third-party CRMs offering enterprises a platform to thrive the sales and marketing jobs with the Google Contacts. The Sync is generally both way so that uniformity is maintained across.

7. Logo Utilization

A Free Gmail id always displays Google logo on each application screen at the top left corner but with G Suite you can display company’s logo in place of Google Logo offering you a platform to project the brand presence.

To Wrap

Are you wary of switching gears between the free Gmail to G Suite? Shun the inhibitions as the transition will not upset email from your existing clients. The old email id can be linked to the new G Suite so that your emails keep dropping to the new email ID’s. It is the right time to make the switch and leverage the potential.

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