Toyota Tipped To Bring Android Auto
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5 Tips to Help You Use Android Auto Optimally

Technological innovations have transformed things in all spheres of life, and this is the case even in the auto industry. Driving and commuting have become more enjoyable thanks to these advancements. One such innovation is Android Auto, which is a multimedia and navigation app for automobiles. Most new generation vehicles come with app already installed while older vehicles can install it.

Having Android Auto in your car gives you so many benefits, but most importantly, it allows you to have seamless integration with your Android devices. Here are some tips to optimize Android Auto in your car:

Maximizing Google Assistant

Among all of the benefits you will enjoy from having android auto on your car, optimizing the Google Assistant is the most crucial. Besides being an accessible way to help you access information quickly, it is the safest to use while behind the wheel. You can activate Google Assistant by pressing the voice command on your steering wheel if your car is integrated with Android Auto. If you use Auto on your phone, you can tap the microphone icon that represents the app, or make use of the “Ok Google” voice command. While driving, you can enjoy everything that Google Assistant can carry out normally.  The idea of doing things by just using your voice is incredible. You can get information on such things like the latest news, weather updates, and so on.

Making calls using the hands-free feature

Phone distraction while driving can cause accidents. However, with Android Auto, you can avoid these dangers by using the hands-free feature. To make a call, all you need is to do is activate the Google Assistant with your voice by saying “Ok Google” and giving it a command to call a certain number on your phone book. You can also dial the number using the dialing pad at the lower part of the screen.

Using navigation easily

Nowadays, it is possible to travel to unknown places because you just need the Google maps app on your smartphone for assistance with direction. Android Auto enables us to have the same feature in our vehicles to make things easier. Just by saying “Ok Google” followed by the destination name, you will get the route fed through the Maps page. The best and shortest route will be suggested through the voice assistant. Having Android Auto and automatic vehicle location tools like those available at Eyeride can make deliveries and general fleet management easy.

Improving your music listening experience

Although car music systems are great, they lack various settings for equalizers. Fortunately, smartphones have great and dedicated equalizers for enhancing the music listening experience. You can get the music settings of your Android device in your car by connecting your device (phone or tablet) to Android Auto. Without a doubt, the music experience in your car will significantly improve and the real capabilities of your car music system will be brought out.

Download apps compatible with Android Auto

Though Android Auto does not support many apps to minimize distraction while driving, there are still several apps that you can download to improve your experience with it. To see the apps that are compatible with it, check out the Google Play Store on the Android Auto apps page and you will see all of them there. You will find them under three main categories: music, radio and news, and messaging. All of these will help you have a greater experience on the road.


Android Auto allows you to integrate your smartphone experience with your automobile, enabling you to avoid distraction while driving and have a more enjoyable experience. You can get the most out this app by using tips like optimization using Google Assistant, doing navigation easily with the app, and making calls without involving your hands, thus reducing the risk of accidents. Moreover, you can enhance your experience of listening to music in the car and download other apps compatible with Android Auto.

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