5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Our Lives

Today, it’s hard to surprise anyone with Internet services. People around the world use them to book a hotel in Los Angeles, find a luxury car rental Baltimore or buy a plane ticket to Paris.

This means, the successful use of modern technology makes life easier, and forces scientists to come up with ever more advanced ideas. Artificial intelligence is one of them.

AI has long been an important technological trend, but in recent years its degree of presence has increased significantly. The availability of this technology in everyday life was noticed even by those who are not interested in the achievements of progress.

However, experts believe that the main thing is still to come. AI will invade our lives in several ways at once…

  1. More Humanoid Chatbots

This year, chatbots will take on even more roles and become more humane. Chatbot technology is not new, but it really only started to show its real face now. Previously, many companies were reluctant to work with bots, because they were often mistaken and annoyed customers with misunderstanding and mistakes. Today, we can see chat bots that could conduct quite a meaningful dialogue. They became even more complex and more intelligent.

Moreover, we will see the appearance of bots equipped with pseudo-personality – face, voice, perhaps even facial expressions and gestures. For example, Autodesk already has an Ava online virtual assistant that uses machine learning to become smarter and more complex. Ava’s identity has already become part of the company’s brand.

By the way, at the end of last year, the first artificial television presenter with the appearance, voice and habits of a living person started working in China.

  1. Speech recognition will become the norm

Nowadays, the names of voice assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri became well known. This is due to the fact that voice assistants have gone beyond gadgets and computers, becoming truly ubiquitous, and the process of their distribution will continue.

We will see how voice assistants penetrate lighting devices, televisions, audio systems, automobiles, microwave ovens and other household appliances. Experts predict that soon the presence of voice control in the device won’t be perceived as a new chip, but as something familiar and natural.

  1. Image recognition will enhance security and snooping

Smartphone customers probably already have personal experience with image recognition technology thanks to applications like Google Lens or face recognition systems.

Also, this technology is very important for the development of the sight of unmanned vehicles, autonomous robots and augmented reality headsets. Very soon we will see how all these devices will become a little more perfect.

True, image recognition also has a dark side. Thanks to this technology, it becomes possible to recognize the faces of people in the crowd and, as a result, apply a total surveillance. The Chinese government has already tested this tool, remained satisfied.

Of course, all this is served under the guise of concern for public safety, but we know very well that the fight against dissent in China is also considered to be a ‘concern for safety’. In general, the world will become a little more comfortable and a little darker.

  1. You will stop believing in your own eyes

Recent years were marked by the advent of a tool called DeepFakes. Artificial intelligence allows you to create realistic videos by changing the faces of some people while preserving facial expressions and gestures. Users immediately began to have fun, creating funny movies with the participation of Hollywood actors.

Unfortunately, this technology may have a more serious application. For example – it can be used for the creation of political fakes. Buzzfeed has already demonstrated this by putting the face of former U.S. President Barack Obama on the face of actor Jordan Peele.

Probably thanks to similar tools we will see a huge amount of very high-quality fake videos. Therefore, by the end of the year, everyone will begin to believe their own eyes a little less.

  1. AI will start saving lives

The biggest benefit that AI can bring is improved medicine. Experts believe that very soon, artificial intelligence will begin to truly save human lives.

Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are investing a lot of money in the development of digital medicine. Their philosophy can be briefly described: prevention is better than cure. Therefore, companies are developing technologies that can identify and prevent possible health problems in advance.

Well-trained artificial intelligence can make diagnoses no worse, or even better, than a professional doctor. What’s more, it can do this not 40 hours a week, but 24/7. Already, AI is coping with scanning the retina and identifying symptoms of impending blindness better than a living doctor. After few years we will see a real surge in the use of artificial intelligence in medicine.

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