6 Must-Have Apps to Make Your Life Better

Mobile technology has had a major influence on modern lifestyles Industry analysts predict there will be over 7.26 billion mobile users by 2020.With most people now using mobiles to communicate, this has to be among the greatest technologies of modern times. This technology has also spawned smart innovations among them mobile apps.

There are apps for virtually everything and developers keep launching new products on the market. It is no surprise that internet users spend 90% of mobile time in apps.  Whether you are looking for an easier way to exercise, shop, travel, sleep or cook, there’s an app available for you.

If you want to make your life easier, it is time to look at some must-have apps. Here you go.

  1. Cash App (formerly Square Cash)

Managing finances is something most people worry about and luckily, there’s an app that can help with one aspect of this. Square Cash now known as Cash App is a digital wallet that allows you to send money to other app users instantly.

Whether you wish to pay bills or send money to family, this app is a godsend. You can also transfer fund between banks through email. For entrepreneurs, there’s an option for businesses to accept payments.

  1. Clue

Women across the world always have a problem tracking their period. This is a problem that many tools have tried to solve with varying degrees of success. Clue, a period tracking app, promises better results by leveraging technology and knowledge.

The app helps you track your symptoms (from breast tenderness, bloating, acne to mood swings) throughout the month. You will never have nasty surprises with your menstrual cycle.

  1. Mint

Budgeting is not easy and this is why Mint a budget tracking app has become so popular. This app helps you manage all your finances in one place. You will stop on top of your finances when you can see everything happening in your financial life. The app offers real-time tracking of your spending and helps with budgeting, projections among other things.

  1. Wanderlust

Whether you are in school, at work or at home, it is not easy to keep track of all your responsibilities. Modern lifestyles are more hectic than ever before and that’s why the Wanderlust comes in handy.

With this app, you can now organize all your personal and professional tasks from one place. It allows you to set reminders, alerts to avoid missing deadlines. You can now sync the app across all your digital devices to streamline your life.

  1. Gaming Apps

If you love gaming, you should always have an app to keep you busy when on the go.  The online gaming and casino industry continues growing fast and developers have new applications to allow players to catch up with the best action on mobiles.

Whether you want to play blackjack, latest video games or learn online poker rules, there are exciting apps withgreat graphics, guides and other features for an amazing experience.

  1. Calm

Life is tough and more demanding than ever before. With so much happening in your life, it is easy to get stressed. Medication can help a lot to calm you down and help you focus.

The Calm App helps you with medication by guiding you on how to do it best. It helps you sleep more and live better which is something most people can do with today.

Final Thoughts

Wondering how you can improve your life with modern technology? Why not download an innovative smartphone app? Whether you want to learn new cooking skills, play at an online casino, learn a new language, get the best insurance rates or self-medicate, there’s an app to help with all aspects of your life.




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