7 Amazing Productivity Tips for an Organized Workplace

Being busy does not equate to productivity. Sometimes you work hours without end and at the end of the day, you may not pinpoint specific projects that you accomplish during the day. If you find yourself in this rut, it is time to get organized and plan out your day, workplace appropriately from the word go. So, how do you become more productive?

In this post, we will share seven amazing productivity tips for an organized workplace, including the use of Signature Generator. By working with these, you would be able to streamline your activities and focus on only tasks that will boost your productivity.

Use Mobile Apps

Professionals will benefit significantly from different apps that support their daily workplace. Many attest to the enormous usefulness of apps in helping them get organized in the workplace. For instance, you can choose a project management app or cloud-based calendar to keep your projects on track and to measure progress. Managers can also get apps that will help them to create a work schedule for employees and monitor them.

With this, it becomes easier to keep a tab on everyone and every job that is being performed in the organization. You can also find apps that will help you to track business costs so you can know how your business is doing per time regarding costs and revenue.

Go Paperless

Managing papers is one of the time-consuming tasks that professionals have to deal with. Not only that, papers take up a lot of space as you have to create folders, drawers, filing cabinets, and even closets to keep important documents. If care is not taken, you may spend half of the day accessing papers and keeping them organized workplace.

So, instead of going through this serious stress, you can opt to go paperless. Instead of sending a physical memo, send an email. Your recipients will receive and attend to an email faster than attending to a paper memo.

You can also create digital contracts and send them to appropriate stakeholders. This is where Signature Generator comes in. This is an effective tool that lets you create a digital signature that is valid and legally binding.

A digital signature is easy to create and you can check templates of Signature Generator here. Follow the steps below to create a digital signature:

  • Visit Signature Generator website and upload your document
  • Locate the e-sign tool and click on it. It will open a box where you can either draw, type, or upload your signature.
  • Drag the created signature to the space for signature on your document.
  • Save and download the signed document.

Avoid Multi-tasking

Contrary to popular belief, you get less down when multitasking. Never think that you will achieve much when you multitask. For instance, when you do many things at the same time, your attention is divided. You do not put 100% of your attention and energy into each task. With this, you may not complete a single task or do them haphazardly.

Secondly, you spend long hours completing tasks when you combine them. However, if you attend to each task separately, you can focus and complete them quickly before you move on to the next task.

Stay on Top of Your Email Inbox but Do Not Dedicate Long Hours to it

If you are a busy professional, it is easy to forget about your email inbox and not check it for days. By the time you get to it, you have hundreds of emails, including junk and spam emails. Amidst all these, it is easy to miss an important email. Therefore, instead of pushing your email time till much later, learn to deal with them and get them over with.

Check your email first thing before you start workplace to see any important email that has dropped over the night. Also, check it during lunch break and the last thing after work. With this, you will stay on top of your email inbox without wasting time on them. Also, make sure you delete spam and junk emails. They can clog your inbox very fast.

Develop a Daily and Weekly Plan

Working without a plan is like driving without a direction. You will end up going around without getting anywhere. Before the beginning of the workweek, make it a habit to develop a weekly plan. Plan your work from Monday all through to Friday. For your weekly plan, you do not have to be specific. Leave that for your daily plan.

In your weekly plan, itemize specific projects you have to complete for the week. Break them into the number of days you work in the week and then move to your daily plan. Your daily plan should include the specifics of the tasks that you have listed for each day. What tasks will you finish first and how long do you plan to spend on each task.

If you have to send emails or make calls, group these activities together and get them done at the same time to get them out of the way. When you plan your day carefully and clearly, you will achieve more and improve your productivity.

Take Breaks

Do not burn out just to complete a project. You need to have the energy to be on top of your game and to stay organized. Schedule short breaks in-between working hours to refresh and energize. Taking short breaks during work hours helps you to stay hydrated and fueled. It gets you recharged and open to taking on difficult tasks.

If you work for long hours without taking a breather, you will get exhausted along the way and you will not get much done. So, take the much-needed break to refresh. Your break does not have to be a long one. A five minutes break can sometimes be all you need to refocus and refresh.

Put Your Phone on Silence

You do not need to have your phone beeping every minute. It can be quite distracting when your phone beeps every thirty seconds as message notifications come in from everywhere. To get your job done and remain focused, silence your phone and keep it away from your reach.

Everyone is used to their phone, so it is natural to reach out for your phone when you hear the beeping sound. To avoid this, put it on silent mode and put it away. With this, you will get more done without distractions from your phone.


There you have the top seven productivity, workplace tips for an organized workplace that you can follow. With these tips, you can improve your productivity and feel happier about your achievements.



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