7 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Web Hosting Service

Running a business website is easier said than done because there is a lot involved. Having a good-looking and feature-rich website is the first requirement but it is just half the work done. You also need to make sure that it runs seamlessly and delivers a high-end user experience all the time. This is where the choice of the right web hosting service makes a difference because it keeps your site up and running.

Essentially, hosting services make your website accessible so that users can access it from any corner of the world. The host owns a server and leases server space for running your business website. While there are several providers out there, you need to select one that you can trust to handle the online presence of your business. Here are some factors that you need to bear in mind while choosing a web hosting service.

The nature of your website

Primarily, the choice of a service is dependent on the nature of your website. Different types of websites have different requirements and the hosting provider should ideally match them. For example, those running a social networking site need to pay attention to factors such as performance and network latency. Similarly, e-commerce websites have different needs because of large catalog sizes and multiple images and videos to display.

Shared or dedicated hosting

Another key consideration is whether you want shared or dedicated hosting for your website. Each of these has its own pros and cons and the choice really is a matter of individual circumstances of the business. Shared hosting is economical because multiple websites share the same server space but it is recommended only if performance is not a critical concern. Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, assures total control and high performance as you have full ownership of the server space. It costs more but is worth the price.

Cost involved

The cost of web hosting includes the initial set up cost and the periodic renewal cost of services. Before you choose a provider, compare the prices of different ones and look for deals as well. Searching online for promo deals is a good idea because it can get you some lucrative ones from trusted providers like SiteGround. The article “SiteGround Promo for 70% Off in 2019” from Payette Forward explains that SiteGround has helpful features like building websites, SSL certificates, daily backups, and plenty of storage space.

Speed and reliability

When you run a business website, speed and reliability are perhaps the most critical requirements. You would not want a slow loading site and neither would settle for even a few minutes of downtime because it can cause loss to the business. Therefore, you must absolutely ensure that the hosting provider delivers excellent speed and high reliability for your website. Keep track of the surveys and select a service that has a consistent track record.

Reviews and reputation

Before finalizing a provider to host your website, go through their reviews and reputation to get a genuine idea about their competence. Check the reviews posted by real customers and verify the provider’s reputation in the market. Do not fall for fancy claims and lucrative offers because these may lure you into partnering with someone that does not deliver as expected. After all, it is better to pay a little more and be sure about the quality of services.

Addon domain services

Scalability is another need that every business has because it visualizes growth in the future. As you grow, you would definitely have addon domains. Look for a host that would subsequently allow you to create and run multiple domains and websites. Not only would this be a cost-effective option but also mean fewer hassles for growing businesses. Ask the provider about their perspective on addon domains before you choose them as your hosting partner.


Another factor that you should absolutely prioritize while finalizing a hosting provider for your website is the support they offer. You would not want to land into trouble if your site goes down suddenly and there is no one to help you resolve the issue. Check the provider’s customer support policy management and the channels they are available on. Make sure that you will get access to 24 by 7 support via multiple channels such as phone, email, and Skype.

The success of your business website greatly depends on the choice of the right hosting service. Therefore, you should go the extra mile to find one that you can trust. Following this checklist of factors to be considered can help you in making the best choice.

Source: Mitratech

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