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7 ways to Perfect Your SEO campaign for Local Market

You must be really interested to know about how to improve your online rankings and local SEO but before boarding this information train I want to ask a really important question “What is local SEO?” Well, in a nutshell, it’s a search engine strategy for local businesses.

If you run some business in your community, then you need local SEO to attract customers and increase your business. Local SEO is an important concept as most of the customers in your target market are using search engines to find the services they need. But when it comes to local SEO you need to practice it with due diligence otherwise you are going to lose the market share to your competitors and might even endanger your livelihood. You always need to keep optimizing and updating your site for local searches.

So, if you run a local business, learn some local SEO tactics to keep yourself relevant on the search Engine. I’ll list a few in this article

  1. Work on Title and Description:

Always make sure that the title and description of your website is easy to understand, quick to grab attention and promotes the brand. Avoid generic and cliché terms in the page that is irrelevant to your business. If you have seen search results on any search engine then you might have noticed that there is only a brief bit of space to get your marketing message across. So, you need to use it efficiently and properly.

For example: suppose your page is about Degions and you have kept the title of your home page as Home, then it’s home that’s going to pop up in the SERPs. Is this what you want your audience to see?

I suppose not.

So, remember to make the most out of your title and description as it’s often the first the first impression that people will get about your business.


  1. Focus on Keywords:

Keyword research is often considered as one the important aspect of SEO. If you’re trying to reach a specific region or a country then you make sure to optimize your site for regional keywords. Customers in those regions will always make searches having those keywords. So, this can really improve your rank in local search. Always be on the look out for popular keywords or the one’s that are trending as most customers tend to use the same keywords and it can help improve your site ranking.

You should also optimize your search for long tail keywords related to your niche.

Example: ‘Head’ keyword = “Anime guide”

Long-tail = “Anime guide for beginners to get into the fandom”

Giving the specific information about what the searcher is researching for will make them stick around and visit your site more.

Long tail keywords

  1. Don’t Ignore Bing:

Almost everyone commits the mistake of ignoring the potential of Bing. Although Google is a much larger platform than Bing, but there are still a lot of people who use Bing. You might get an upper hand over the competition by using Bing as it’s possible that many of them have committed the mistake of ignoring Bing. Also, its relatively easy to get listed and ranked on Bing’s own version of GMB, called Bing places.


  1. List on Google My Business:

Along with optimizing your website according to your respective demographic, you also need to optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing as it plays a crucial role in your business growth. Always make sure that your name, address and contact details appears same on both your web properties and GMB. If you make changes to anyone of them make sure to update the other to keep both same.

Pick a proper profile photo that markets your brand and use keywords in your image file names. Keep your profile up to date and 100% complete.


  1. Build your Brand:

Search Engines are always on the lookout for companies popping up through reputable sites while providing ranks. Google now a days focuses more on branding and quality as the Internet has evolved a lot and ranking process has grown more strenuous. Thus, Backlinks from reputable sites can play an important role in improving your brand image and your rank on search engine results page. Citations and backlinks are some of the ways through which search engine gets to know about your business.


  1. Make Your Website User Friendly:

Making your Website user friendly is no longer an option rather it has become a compulsory step now. Having a responsive and fluid Website is a must along with faster loading times. With smartphones taking over the current era, most of the people prefer mobile devices to perform local searches while looking for a place of business close by and are mostly using a 3G or 4G network. As a result, the data speeds aren’t that fast.


This makes it an obligation for you to make sure that your site loads faster. Also make your site mobile friendly and adapts its display so that it’s easy to use and remains responsive on any screen size. Use Google Mobile-Friendly Test to check how your website performs on mobile devices.


  1. Structured Data:

You might be thinking “what is this structured data?” well to answer it’s simply an efficient way of marking up the info on your website so that search engines can parse it more easily. Structure data is used by search engines to provide more content to users. Using schema markup can help you include as much detail as you can about your business. Even the star rating on listings are provided by Google by examining the markup on the page.


There you have it, some strategies and tips used by local SEO agencies that will surely help you boost your business growth.

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