8 Amazing Apps for Duplicate Photo Removal on Android Mobile Phone

While duplicate image files accumulate on your device in large numbers, using best duplicate photo remover tools is the fastest & easiest solution to de-duplicate your photo library on Android. Let’s discuss some of these efficient tools here.

Duplicate Photos Fixer: This easy to use tool allows you to locate and remove all duplicate images on your Android device in a jiffy. Its flexible scan modes allow you to find & delete duplicate images even from the remotest corners of your device. These scan modes include full scan, select a specific folder and select camera images. It offers group-wise results for easy viewing and management. Further, it keeps duplicate files auto-marked in results so that you needn’t spend time manually selecting files to delete. It even offers preview option to help you view files before deletion. You can use its matching criteria to select similar and exact match files both.

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Duplicate Photo Remover: Use Duplicate Photo Remover to scan your device’s internal & external storage. Here, it helps you find and clean all types of duplicate images automatically. It helps you identify and delete replicated photos & videos instantly. Using this storage slimming app, you can recover GBs of storage space effortlessly. Once it completes scanning your device, it auto-mark the files for deletion except keeping one for your records. It supports all major image file formats to deliver accurate results. Here, it sorts files based on date, file size and album and delivers results in a user-friendly manner.

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iSweep: iSweep offers the fastest & easiest way to find & delete all duplicate photos from your camera roll on Android. Here, all you need to do is to swipe left to delete and swipe right to keep the file. It even allows you to delete poor quality photos instantly to recover valuable storage space. It will display you how much memory space you can recover by deleting unnecessary files. It gives you complete access to all your images from camera roll right within the app for easy management. You can even navigate by month to remove unnecessary photos from any time on your device. Here, you can review trash can before committing photo deletion.

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Duplicate Photo Finder: Duplicate Photo Finder helps you recover as much as 20 to 30% memory space on your Android device. It works on smart algorithms to help you scan even the darkest corners of your device to deliver accurate results. Its fast and efficient scan engines perform a quick search on your device and display results in a user-friendly manner. You can use this powerful tool to recover lots of storage space instantly. Further, it works automatically to save your time & efforts.

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Duplicate Photo Video Remover: This nifty tool display three different menus for media files, documents and other files. You can use this tool to remove duplicate photos, videos, contact files, audio files, music files and more. It displays results in sets for easy management. It further displays how much memory is occupied by these unnecessary files and how much you can recover. It offers one-touch option to filter the best photos. It helps you clean up your device screenshots and performs a deep cleaning. It supports both internal & external device cleaning.

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Duplicate Cleaner: Duplicate Cleaner performs a deep cleaning of your device to find and delete duplicate files from both internal & external device storage. While searching for duplicate files, it scans files based on multiple factors including similar content. It works automatically to where you can simply clean the unnecessary junk in a minute’s time. You can also use this tool to remove duplicate contacts on your device. Further, it offers multiple filters to help you refine your search results.

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Duplicate Photos Remover 2018: This powerful tool scans your SD card to find duplicate photos in addition to scanning your internal storage. It displays scan results in auto-mark format to save your time of selecting duplicate files manually. It keeps one copy of all files even if it deletes entire memory from your device. It helps you recover GBs of storage space in few seconds. You can use this tool for instant and accurate results.

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Remove Duplicate Files: Try this ultimate media files fixing tool to recover valuable storage space instantly. It works effortlessly even with a large number of files and delivers instant results. You can use this tool to remove duplicate photos, videos, GIFs and a lot more. It is equipped with powerful scan engines to deliver instant results with high accuracy. It offers compact viewing to compare photos before deletion. You can use this nifty solution to recover a lot of storage space automatically.

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So, these are some of the best duplicate photo remover tools you should use to de-duplicate your photo library. If you know more such tools, then feel free to comment below.


Metadata: Using best duplicate photo remover tools is an instant & effective solution to deal with duplicate image files on your device. Let’s discuss some of these effective apps here for Android.

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