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8 Mind-Blowing Social Media Facts You Need To Know

We are living in a world where social media is a daily part of our lives. Maybe you’ve even discovered this article through social media! As a whole, its reach is unprecedented,  and that’s only one part of the story! With more and more users looking for new connections every day, social media platforms just become bigger each year.

In this article, we’ve collated some social media facts that will blow your mind. From Twitter’s award to Facebook slowing down, there are things you should know about social media platforms to make yourself aware of the breadth of its existence. Here are 8 facts about social media for your consumption:

There are at least 5,787 tweets posted per second

One of the most interesting Twitter facts is that among the big three in social media platform- that’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the latter has the least number of employees. A whopping 10% of Facebook’s entire human resource makes up Twitter’s workforce. But don’t let that fool you, as Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms on the planet!

In fact, there are at least 5,787 tweets posted per second. That’s 347,220  tweets per minute. Let that sink in first. While Twitter’s number of engagement is impressive, it pales compared to Facebook’s. Reportedly, the social media giant has more than half a million posts in a minute. In context, 7 billion people are living in the world right now.

A staggering 31% of older people are on Facebook

Social media is not just for the younger generation anymore. In fact, the demographic range of 65 years old and up is especially active on Facebook. As of writing, at least 31% have access to Facebook. And the figure is expected to rise in the next decade. So if you’ve been feeling that Facebook has become a haven for older people, then you’re not entirely wrong!

Facebook has the most users among social media platforms

Facebook has 2.2 billion active users. That’s 30% of the entire global population. Although the social media giant is banned in countries like China, it’s still a powerhouse in terms of reach. Therefore, most businesses, either big or small, prefer to advertise on Facebook. The wider the reach, the better the response. But to have a successful social media campaign, the most important thing is still coordination between platforms.

Pinterest users are usually women

It should come as no surprise that Pinterest, the social media for image sharing and information discovery and saving, has women as its main users. At least 71% of active users are female, but 40% of new sign-ups are male. The social media platform is attractive to women because it uses pins to save information on a particular interest, then collate it to customized folders.

The survey says that you’re pretty rich when you’re checking out your social media on your phone

A survey studying social media use has discovered that people who use social media apps on their phones every day earn better than those who don’t. Although the implication that you need to use social media on your phone to look rich is wrong, the study has concluded that you automatically have a better phone plan when you have enough money. Thus, social media usage.

Right now, there are 3 billion people across all social media

If you ever wonder how many social media users are there, well, the answer is—a lot! There are 7 billion people in the world right now, and 3 billion are using social media actively.

Even without accounts, at least 50 million people visit Twitter each month

Twitter may not be the social media that racks up the most logins and visits each month, but there are still many people without Twitter accounts that visit the site. In fact, 50 million people visit Twitter each month without a registered account. Most of these people read threads – a popular twitter jargon that means a lengthy post.

LinkedIn is the social media for those older than 30

You could say that among the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the professional sister with lots of money. LinkedIn was specially made for professional connections, and true to its mandate, most people on the platform are in their 30s, and have quite the earning capacity. Profiles in the social media platform have a professional voice rather than personal, and you can find some industry leaders on it.


That’s a doozy, huh? Who would’ve thought that something as trivial as connecting to people close to you will become a full-blown conglomerate of businesses in this day and age? You can blame it on the accessibility of the technology, but social media will become more present in our daily lives as we progress as a society. As we progress, so does technology and its many uses.


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