8 most useful apps for Android

8 most useful apps for Android

Smartphones have provoked a revolution in our society in less than a decade. They haveover 1 billion users across the globe and 2.5 million apps (the numbers are growing) available on Google and Apple’s digital stores. Smartphones are changing lifestyles in surprising ways. People are interested in making the most out of these magical devices that occupy little space but connects themto the entire world. Comparison with trends of ten years ago makes us realize how far we have come. From crowding around a television screen to this day where we can access many platforms within seconds,we have definitely moved ahead.

The benefits of smartphones are multifaceted. You can perform almost every action on smartphones. Print files. Order products via e-commerce. Access information on the Internet. Listen to music and watch movies. Everything and anything is now possible on smartphones. In other words, smartphones can make lives a lot easier as you have everything right there on the screen. There are a lot of apps that you can use as per its utility and your needs. Whether you are looking for an app to kill time or looking for an online earning resource, you can find it all. The true challenge is to filter out the ones that are useful from the ones that will only waste your phone space.

Here are the 8 most useful apps for Android:

Adobe applications

Adobe offers a range of useful applications which make many tasks easier for users. There are apps like Adobe Acrobat (PDF Reader), Photo Express (photo editing), Illustrator Draw (Drawing tool), Premier Clip (video editing) and many more. These are known to fill niches that no third party is exploring yet. All apps make sure that users stay in the loop whenever upgrades take place. A few of these apps may need the user to subscribe on Adobe Creative Cloud if they are willing to access all features. Through Adobe CreativeSync, all apps and stored data stay connected with the desktop so you can perform your work anywhere you like.

Otter voice notes

Otter voice notes is a transcription app that eases up the task of recording voice notes. It records from the internal mic of the phone or through a Bluetooth device. Then it transcribes those words into real-time punctuated documents with searchable playback of the recordings. Users can also edit these transcripts to fix any errors and export it on other applications. This can be done if they are willing to share it with their contacts. There is an option to avail it for free where you can have 600 minutes of audio each month or subscribe at $9.99 for 6000 minutes per month.

Day one journal

After tremendous success on iOS, Day One Journal has now entered into the Android realms. The sleek, journal-keeping style enables you to record your memories in a light and easy way. Markdown editor lets the user upload photos and data that relates to an event such as the location, date, and weather conditions. A notification system is integrated within the app to remind users that they need to make an entry. You can also tag the journal pages, search them through location or timeline and mark the favorites. With a premium tier subscription of $34.99 per year, you can now revive the old habits of journal-keeping with a digital touch.


Gone are the days when you’d have to buy expensive scanning machines for editing documents. CamScanner makes it possible for the users to scan a document into their phones and convert it into PDF. Once converted, it gets easier to scan, save or edit the files. Almost all features of this app are accessible except a few where you must subscribe to it if you intend to use it heavily. In both cases, this app stands to be the best app of its kind, according to review forums like AirG Reviews. It comes in handy especially if you are working as a teacher, a student, a business person or for functioning tax documents.

Microsoft to-do

Are you fed up of missing deadlines and meetings? Well, here’s an app to your rescue. Microsoft to-do is a smart application that offers a sleek, distraction-free interface to remind you of deadlines and appointments scheduled for later days. Users can limit descriptions to simpler words, or they can also opt for adding details and color codes. This app is free, and you can synchronize it with other apps like Microsoft’s Office 365 suite to enhance productivity.


AccuWeather is an app that provides Android users with an accurate and up-to-date weather forecast. It gives an insight over a 15-day outlook. There is animated weather info, radar map, and detailed summary to go with the forecast. Apart from that, it has extra features like AccUcast which is a system for crowd-sourced warnings. Moreover, there are weather-related videos as well as customizable forecast details.

Google Drive Suite

Google Drive with its package of applications is quite popular for its productivity and usefulness. Its entire collection includes Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drive, Google Keeps, and Google Photos. There is also an office suite with the note-taking app, cloud storage, and space to backup all photos and videos. The Drive comes with 15GB free storage space which you can expand throughmonthly subscriptions.


Remembering passwords and login credentials is a hassle in itself. Thanks to password manager like LastPass.You can now keep all your passwords in a digital vault. It encrypts and stores all logins and fills them up when the user is signing in to a particular website. It does not only keep track of all logins but also generates strong passwords, stores encrypted data, and supports fingerprint scanners. Additionally, you can also sync the password vault with other Android and Apple devices.

Mobile apps are indeed making lives easier. All you need is to analyze your needs and install the ones that you find worthy and useful for your tasks. You will soon find how things get quickerand a whole lot simpler!

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