9 Reasons To Choose Magnetic Screen Door

9 Reasons To Choose Magnetic Screen Door

The decision to install Magnetic Screen Door was one of the best we’ve ever made here at our house. It has enabled us to enjoy fresh air and natural light even in the dead of winter, without worrying about bugs getting in. If you’re interested in installing Magnetic Screen Doors, or want to learn more about the advantages they offer, keep reading to learn 10 reasons why these doors are better than their old-fashioned counterparts.

1) Cost

Magnetic screen doors can be purchased in a wide range of prices. On average, magnetic screen doors cost around $50 (USD) and up. Once you’ve purchased a magnetic screen door, installation is easy and will only cost you another few dollars if you need help with it. This makes purchasing magnetic screen doors an inexpensive way to enhance your home or business security while also maintaining your desired level of fresh air!

2) Quality

Magnetic screen doors are often more durable than regular mesh doors, so they can last longer. They’re also made from quality materials like aluminum, steel and polyester. Magnetic screen doors are also typically thicker than their regular counterparts and therefore don’t sag over time.

3) Durability

Magnetic screen doors are built from durable materials and are known for their long-lasting performance. Unlike more traditional screen doors, magnetic screens are made with powder-coated steel and stainless steel screws. That makes them resistant to rust and corrosion, so they’ll last through a variety of weather conditions.

4) Custom Options

There are some magnetic screen doors that will allow you to change out panels so you can match your décor with ease. These types of doors may be a little more expensive, but they are very customizable and look great in any home. They also provide added safety by keeping bugs out of your home while still letting fresh air in.

5) Maintenance

One of a magnetic screen door’s biggest advantages is that it’s almost entirely maintenance-free. There are no rollers or sliding parts, so it requires little to no upkeep and works for decades with little or no care.

6) Luxury Option

Magnetic screen doors are a little more expensive than traditional options but you get what you pay for. They’re an excellent way to keep insects, spiders and other pests from sneaking into your home as well as to protect your pets from wandering outside in times of trouble or boredom.

7) Installation Flexibility

The magnetic doors are very easy to install. They come with large and strong magnets on both sides of a frame that fits into any doorway or window. Once you attach it, there is no need for additional hardware. The magnetic door opens and closes with a gentle push, so you do not need an extra force while moving it.

8) Energy Savings

In addition to being able to install a magnetic screen door without making any alterations, you can also save money on your energy bills. These doors allow cool air to circulate into your home and warm air out when left open during daylight hours. This will help you regulate temperatures without having a massive impact on utility bills. The dual-flap design of some models also lets you improve airflow by raising and lowering each flap individually—perfect for times when some breeze is welcome but bugs are not!

9) The Ultimate Allergen Blocker

Magnetic screen doors are perhaps one of the most underrated inventions in recent years. These screens keep bugs out while still allowing fresh air and sunlight in, meaning you can save energy costs from using fans or air conditioning year-round. In addition, magnetic screen doors are nearly silent, meaning it won’t disrupt your family when opening and closing them. When combined with no-see-um mesh screening, these magnetic options make for a nearly seamless barrier between outside pests and inside air quality.

Written by Team Technobugg

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