A Look in the industry of mobile app in the Next Decade

In the manner that mobile app is evolving in the times to come it is truly incredible to experience the impact, it is bringing. Even then the industry is tended to be quite strong and is expected to introduce remarkable developments in the tech world in the times to come. Presently it has such extreme influence that even now it is estimated that the average smartphone user has approximately 35 mobile applications installed on their devices. This is not all because in years to come it is determined that by the year 2025 it is expected that the mobile industry would have 5.9 billion unique mobile subscribers or than 71% of the expected population of the earth that how much the influence of mobile apps would cater to within the next decade.

Due to all this many are left to wonder what would be the impact of the mobile market over the next decade. On this ever indulging subject, we had gathered insights on it by a few of the professionals who could provide a better viewpoint on it. In an interview with app development agency Australia, we were able to identify few of the industry’s most upcoming evolution such as integration with Artificial Inelegance (AI) that will be developing ahead as well according to the needs and requirements of the users. These future adaptations are going to bring the users even more closely to the mobile apps compared to the relation they already carry out. This article will surely answer too many quarries while providing an even better understanding of what to expect ahead.

What is the potential for apps with voice control and streaming contents?

With the introduction of 5G, the potential of gadgets to excel and expand to even newer horizons have become possible. Providing gadget makers and mobile app developers with a whole new ability to project things remarkable. One perimeter is sure to rise which is to transfer and download contents. Voice control and streaming contents have already contributed via the Siri and Google Assistant, now it is much expected to see an even further widespread introduction of this tech. opening up to even more opportunities both the app and the marketers to provide closer communication for them with their customers.

Where would everything lead towards?

The future of mobile apps can be defined into three crucial categories which are Precession & Profitability, Speed and Efficiency, and also Reliable Access.

  • Reliable Access: User’s interest to install mobile apps are in hope to attain the needful from it that is to acquire relevant content. In a time of need to provide suitable and updated content. To this extent the user relies on the app that is installed that it is even willing to provide personal data as long as they are provided with reliable access from the installed app.
  • Speed & Efficiency: As a fact, the mobile apps environment is found to be much faster than mobile data itself. Allowing the user to spontaneously access data due to its speed which provides an increased chance to satisfy the need within the particular time. Over 60% of the users are from the millennial generation who prefer to view a product or make a purchase via a mobile app. Due to the high deliverance of speed and personalization.
  • Precession & Profitability: In the present time apps have been able to stimulate the development of tech features such as Voice Search and Geolocation. Mobile applications have the ability to create a kind of summary that is able to be transmitted to the app which is able to cater according to the mobile usage and hobbies of the user.

In terms of the numbers and results being increased in due time

A key example in terms to the statistics gathered for the industry of mobile apps is to rise by the year 2020 to an extent of turnover in the mobile ecosystem to 5% increase in GDP in the global market which would mean $4.6 trillion in total. And the mobile services will grow out to be 5.9 billion subscribers or than in other words as a percentile, it would mean to increase 71% of the expected population of the earth by the year 2025. These are the expected stats that are expected to attain in the years ahead even though at the present time the mobile development industry is at its peak since the technically every business is wanting to avail a business app for their greater purpose and acceleration.


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