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Amazon unveiled Astro: A Multifunctional Home Assistant Robot

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Amazon Introduces Its Most Innovative Home Assistant Robot Wheels, Named Astro.The Amazon Astro bears the same name as the futuristic pet dog from the 1960s Jetson TV series.

It seems to be the culmination of different technological inputs from robotics,artificial intelligence, home monitoring, and cloud services. It also seems to be Amazon’s largest home system product so far.  It may mark the beginning of a strong phase of in-home product development for Amazon’s Astro Ultimate Home Robot, which can do virtually everything it can think of.

According to Amazon, the Astro is capable of a variety of functions that can be expected from a home robot.  It can map the house, obey commands to go to specific rooms, and has face recognition, which enables it to deliver items to specific people.

Amazon’s Astro also offers Alexa functionality, providing tons of weather details and information, and can be used for a video call.  Amazon’s Astro will follow you wherever you go, keeping you in the frame with a video call.

It can provide safety  and security in your home when you are not around.  You can walk around the house to make sure there is nothing wrong with the house.  It can also deploy third-party apps and accessories to record important body activities such as your blood pressure.

The Astro is the first step in the evolution of the perfect home robot.  There are many things that it can not do that are basic functions that can be seen as the ultimate home robot.  Initially, the Astro had no hands, could not climb stairs, and had a lot of basic skills.  We are sure it will not be the last robot astro from Amazon.

Price and Availability

The Amazon Astro will cost $ 1,000, and as it is a limited edition product Amazon offers the opportunity for potential buyers to request an invitation to purchase.Astro is a 1 day edition product available by pre-order.  Users can now sign up for an invitation to pre-order the Amazon .

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