Amazon’s Blink Introduces Smart Video Doorbell and Floodlight Camera Mount

A smart home solutions company Blink unveiled some of its new products at the recently concluded Amazon September 28 event.  During the event, Blink introduced three products.  They include a smart doorbell camera, a blink floodlight camera and a blink solar panel mount.

The Blink Video Doorbell is the company’s first smart doorbell camera and is priced at a whopping $ 49. The video doorbell can be installed as a wired connection or a wireless device.  It has a battery life of two years and is capable of 1080p HD videos day and night.  The Blink Smart Doorbell Camera has a two-way audio system;  Chime App offers alerts and can interface with existing home Chimes.

The Blink Floodlight Camera is a battery-powered outdoor  camera that can operate as a motion-triggered floodlight.  Its lighting source is an LED mount and costs $ 39.  The third Blink product is a solar panel mount that provides solar energy to the Blink solar door.

The products are currently available from Amazon for pre-order for US residents.  We expect global availability to expand later.  A set of tools is also available through Amazon.

The price of these new Blink Smart Home offers will attract traffic to the products.  Blink’s long video is much shorter than the doorbell accessory ring product.  Although Blink claims that the products will last a long time, it remains to be seen how durable they will be.

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Written by Shahina P


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