Android Messages Allows To Copy 2FA From Notification

Android Message

The two-factor authentication (2FA) is a most important security setup which allows us to login to a platform with an additional security by getting a temporary password through SMS on our phone and then we have to enter it to log in. Well, now it seems that the Google’s own Messaging app – Android Messages making life easier, as with the latest update users can able to copy the two-factor authentication directly from the notification.

Android Messages Allows To Copy 2FA From Notification

Having said that, this feature is really helpful but only if you log in to an account on your phone but if you are login from your laptop or desktop then the coping code feature is just useless. Well, still having such kind of feature is good.

It seems that the feature is not available for everyone at this moment, and we hope that it will arrive soon. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below about copying 2FA from the notification.


Via: Android Police