Here's How To Download The First Developer Preview Of Android P

Android P May Feature Gesture-Based Navigation Bar

We are hearing about the new operating system of Google- Android P for some time, and in last month, the search engine giant has rolled out the first developer preview of the operating system and it revealed many of the features which the company is keeping for us. Well, now it seems that the developers of Android P are now working on a gesture-based navigation bar, and this feature may include in the second developer preview of the operating system, as it is scheduled to next month.

In a blog post about the network security, the company shared a screenshot which shows the new navigation bar on Android. And in the image, the home button is now elongated instead of the circle, and the back button is now transparent instead of opaque which we have seen on the first developer preview.

Android P May Feature Gesture-Based Navigation Bar

And in the image, the recent button which shapes in the square and it places on the right side of the home button is not visible. This indicates that the navigation bar supporting the gesture which will allow you to swipe up to go to the home screen. In the screenshot, we can see that there is a clock which placed on the top-left side of the screen, and the dialogue box which has appeared on the screenshot has rounded corners. All this indicates that the device which Google used to take the screenshot is running on the second developer preview of Android P.

Having said this, according to 9to5Google, the back button will only pop up when there is a purpose, which means if you want to go home after viewing any images or videos in your gallery app then the button will appear and you can tap on it to go back to the home screen. So, let’s wait for the second developer preview of the Android P, and it is not too far away.

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