Android Smartphone Loyalty vs iOS
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Android Smartphone Loyalty vs iOS

We have plenty of smartphone brands and every brand has its own fan base, these fans make lots of noise when a new smartphone unveils in the market. But what’s the actual character of the fans? Do they really support? Well, this article is a perfect answer to all the questions. As in this article, I will present a report which will reveal the loyalty of the fans of a smartphone brand.

Apple once had a really strong user base and people love to have the brand in their hands to show off as well as they believe that it is the meaning of value. But the situation started to change slowly, and now many users are switching from Apple to Android. Well, in this article we will check the loyalty of Android smartphone vs Apple or iOS.

Smartphone Brand Loyalty Statistics

Android Smartphone Loyalty vs iOS

According to a report, which collected the consumer’s current device branding as they went to trade-in or value their old smartphones, verifying it was the succeeding activation of their old device. The report clearly shows that Samsung has 63.9% trade-in brand loyalty, with 17% heading to Apple, while the tech giant Apple secures 74.6% iPhone trade-in brand loyalty, with 12.8% heading to Samsung. Coming to Google, it has 51.0% trade-in brand loyalty, with the lowest volume heading to Apple at 10.1%. LG, Motorola, and HTC all fell below 41% brand loyalty at trade-in.

Having said that, the report does not include the Chinese electronics giant Huawei as the US ban caused it. Furthermore, the report only calculates the interest of the United States users and it does not represent the brand loyalty as a whole.

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