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Android Things Developer Preview 2 released

Last year, Google announced Android Things which was a rebrand of Google IoT OS. And today Google has released second developer Android things preview 2, the new preview comes with many new additions and bug fixes.

Google releases developer preview 2 and it comes with the support for the Intel joule hardware platform, Google says it will offer ‘the most computing power in our lineup to data’ for Android things based devices. USB Audio support to the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) has been added for the Intel Edison and Raspberry Pi 3 boards. With the latest release developers who use C or C++ for IoT products can use the program language with the Android things, thanks for the newly included native access to the Peripheral API.

In the first release of developer preview Google misses a feature, and most of the developers wants to run machine learning and computer vision on-device. Google has since demonstrated TensorFlow running on Android Things. With an early access library, includes demos that can access a camera on such a board so it can use its object recognition and image classification feature. Moreover, the new feature also includes a away speak out the results using text-to-Speech features.

Google says the company will release new Developer Preview builds with more features and bug fixes in every eight weeks, but Google hasn’t revealed the timeline for when will they release final version.


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