Android vs. IOS Security Comparison
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Android vs. IOS Security Comparison

Of course, whenever you are purchasing a mobile device, one of your major areas of focus should be the security system. The two most used operating systems on mobile devices at the moment are the Android and the iOS OSs.

Many people will tell you that iOS wins straight away when you want to compare app security between iOS and the android system. Those who hold this view normally hinge it on the stringent security guidelines that the iOS comes with. But this may not be true unless a detailed review is carried out. That is why we have embarked on a comprehensive review of the security systems of the two operating systems.

A Look at the Android and iOS Security History

The story of security for Android and iOS devices has been different. Now, we will start by telling you that Apple’s iOS is a more restrictive system because it does not release its source code. But for android system, it is a very open source system. This is to say that while you can have a look at what is inside the android system, you can’t do that with iOS. So, from the onset, jailbreaking the iOS is very difficult, unlike the Android phones that could be easily jailbroken. Apple will always install many types of restrictions on its OS, and will check their phones and its usage at intervals. When they discover any incidence of jailbreak, they will shut down the phone. This is not obtainable with the android system.

This may be the reason why Android still leads in the market share of mobile phones. In the market, 74% of the phones in use are of Android OS, while only 21% are of iOS. The windows phone has just 4%.

A look at the stats shows that Android witness more successful attacks than iOS. But to consider the indices, Android tends to be more vulnerable because of the number of phones it has out there. One more thing to look at is the fact that there has been an increase in the native vulnerabilities that most of the applications come with. Majority of the software developers do not write these programs from the scratch. The presence of many online libraries where open source components involving already written chunks of codes could be picked and fused to form a program causes more harm. This is more applicable to android phones, and most of these building blocks picked to form custom mobile apps come with vulnerabilities from their origin. Reports from 2014 – 2016 has it that the Android OS malware families reduced, while that of iOS dropped completely.

Android and iOS Security in 2018

In 2018, android moved towards making clearer and more elaborate efforts towards security. It did this with the ‘Google Play Protect’ in the Play Store. This was designed to act like a virus scanner for the apps from android. They work to make sure you don’t download elements or contents that are harmful to your android phone.  This has actually lifted the spirits of, and assisted most of the android development firms, as it has mitigated the number of problems they experience as regards malware attacks. However, Android has not fared so well in its device update angle. So, more is still expected of it here. The recent updates are expected to come to users of pixel and nexus first before others. Others may even avoid it or delay the arrival of the updates. This will mean that the old software will still be vulnerable to attacks.

For Apple, it keeps developing on its security. Coupled with the iCloud, are the FaceID and the Touch ID. In fact, it is right to say that Apple is on top when it comes to security. This is because of its stringent oversight on all its devices, and the fact that it has the platform that allows it to send messages to all its devices more swiftly than android. There is even a level of encryption that Apple incorporates on the iMessage and in some other of its apps on its devices.

Now, there is also some level of data encryption by android. But the privacy of the user is still subject to some level of third-party incursion. Another fact is that Google, which owns Android, will not stop its data mining in 2018. This means that users’ data and information are still not 100% safe. So, with all these, iOS still wins when the security of the duo are compared.

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