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Apple is preparing to keep its custom processor under Macs

Apple is planning to put its custom processor under Mac hod to avoid Intel processor in future. Earlier Apple has tried to make a chipset for Mac which was later seen on 2016 Mac book pro with a touch bar. This touch bar is included with a chipset to run the Touch bar and also the Touch iD.

Later, Apple has included a custom chipset in iMac Pro which handled multimedia and Security. Implementation of own chipset will lead to improving financially as Apple need not to rely on Intel, moreover, the brand value will increase.

Still, now Apple is using chipsets to perform certain tasks, in other words, Apple’s chipset is just a part of the system which does small programming functions. Apple is working hard to get the core value of implementing a single body processor without Intel’s assistance.

Apple has shown us that they are capable of creating processors on their own for Mac books. I believe that Apple is going to implement the custom chipset on every single Apple devices which leave the factory


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