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Apple unveils HomePod smart speakers; Here’s everything you need to know

At the ongoing WWDC, Apple has unveiled its new product which is called HomePod, it is a smart speakers and it is the answer to the Google Home and Amazon Echo. Let’s have a look into the details of the product.



The speaker is powered by Apple A8 processor, which is powerful enough to control a device like the HomePod and process the information needed for it to be smart. The company designed woofer up top with EQ, there is six microphones which will listening for the phrase ‘hey Siri’ to activate the speaker.


The device is always aware and tries to detect the features of the room and optimize the audio output, it can also identify different parts of a song and try to focus the sound for the best possible listening experience.


The HomePod will work with Apple Music and the cylinder shaped device can wirelessly access over 40 million song from the music streaming service, it also supports following features:


  • News
  • Unit conversation
  • Messages
  • Reminders
  • Podcast playback
  • Setting alarms and timers
  • Weather
  • General Knowledge
  • Traffic
  • Transition
  • Sports updates
  • Stock


The new product can also work as a HomeKit bridge.


So, what’s your thoughts about the HomePod smart speakers???


Pricing and availability of the device:


  • It will be available in Black, White and Grey colours option.
  • The device is priced at $349.
  • It will be shipped from December to US, UK and Australia.


Stay tuned with us for more information about HomePod, and also the latest updates from the WWDC.


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